2 replies on Reviewing ASUS USB-AC68 - The WiFi adapter that looks like a bird

  1. Paul says:

    I have since a couple of days the ASUS USB-AC68. I have an Netgear Nighthawk r7000 router. I tested the ASUS USB-AC68 on a Toshiba Laptop and a Wacom Companion 2. I transferred a 1Gb file between these devices and my Thecus N5550 NAS in a RAID5 configuration connected via 1Gb ethernet directly to the r7000 router.
    On 5Ghz I was able to have up and download speeds between 500 à 600 Mbps when using USB 3.0. There was almost no difference between up and download speeds.
    When using a USB2.0 the speed drops to the values you have obtained. With a notable difference between up and download speed.

    • Paul says:

      After using it for several days I discovered that performances is unpredictable. As I wrote earlier, I had recorded real speeds of 500 à 600Mbps. But the last couple of days I am also around 300 upload and 210Mbps download. Rebooting or reconnecting the stick gives most of the time another transfer speed. It can be higher but also slower. And sometimes connection is lost or the computer doesn’t see the stick anymore. Where you can restart your download all over.
      I also have a Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 adapter, it has only to antennas integrated in the laptop. It is only capable of connecting at 867Mbps. But its transfer speeds are always around 260Mbps. And this little adapter costs less then the half of the ASUS.
      The ASUS is at 5meters from the router where the laptop is even at 7meters away.
      For the moment I give it only a score of 2,5/5

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