6 replies on Reviewing the ASUS RP-N14 Range Extender for Wireless Networks

  1. Ankur says:

    I am also researching a lot of repeaters as I dont get my rooms which are far away from router.
    Your graphs make me wonder whether its even worth it or should I rather use a second router in those area and turn the 1st one off when I am close to the dead zone area.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I think we will make an experiment with using another ASUS router as an extender to our existing network and measure how much it improves things. But, it will take us a while…

      To make the graphs you see in this review took us two days, measuring each room, multiple times, in multiple tests. Then we spent another couple of days to test everything else and write the article you just read.

  2. Chris says:

    Hello, you state that “You can also use the ASUS AiPlayer app to perform music streaming from an Android or iOS device to the range extender.”
    Did you actually test this and manage to make it work? I have this device and am very happy with it but so far have not managed to get this feature operational. Thanks,

  3. XYell says:

    The ASUS AiPlayer can NOT stream AAC files, it will just not show them in its browser. Unfortunately, even though it supports AirPlay devices, other players (like AllCast) that do support AirPlay on Android are not able to use the ASUS RP-N14.
    So basically you have to convert all your AAC files to MP3.

  4. Miguel says:

    Hi Ciprian, before all thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences and results towards the ASUS wireless extender. I have couple of question I would like to figure out, have you tested the coverage using a router as extender mode instead? Which are the advantage and disadvantage by using this ASUS wireless extender? I am looking the most optimum solution to buy either an additional router or an extender. Thank you

  5. Arthur says:

    Have the same repeater. Have constant connection drops happening randomly. Use it together with rp-n12, which is a great product and i never had problems with it. Updated firmware on both devices, experimented with settings, still no luck… Will give it for a repair…

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