2 replies on Reviewing the ASUS BRT-AC828 - For businesses that want more!

  1. George Petasis says:

    This is a router with terrible price to value ratio. It is very expensive and it is lacking essential features expected, like strict binding of a MAC address to an IP. It has limitations like 64 assignments (only) to DHCP server.

    In general, not a business router, just an expensive home one.
    In a firmware bug that I faced (which “bricked” my router for 3 days and managed to recover it by random actions), support from ASUS was really bad. They did nothing actually. The only help that I got was “return it to the store”.

  2. FreeFun78 says:

    I just would like to share my experience. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. It looked interesting because it has loads of features and I wanted more for my home network. However only within 2 weeks 5 GHZ is down, so I went down to claim the hardware. And it happened about 3 weeks ago and guess what, now the 5Ghz also down. When I went down to exchange, there is also customer exchanging his router (he uses RT-AC88U).

    So my advice is, don’t get fooled by the looks and the features, some more this device is ridiculously expensive but failed to meet the qualtiy standard. I came from network engineering background and guess what – if you dig deep into the technology you will find lots of flaws. For example everytime you make change to wireless setting it needs to reboot – what the …? even for turning on and off the captive portal. It supports vlan but no intervlan routing. The DMZ feature which is suppose to make more secure of your network when opening a service for internet, it happens to permit all ports to your inside network which cause a more big hole to your network again WHAT THE …? The traffic analyzer looks nice but after a while it will just generalize unknown ports to other general traffic, the firewall only supports ipv6 and currently majority service provider uses IPv4 still for home network – maybe because of the limitation dealing with NAT… and lot lot more so I give up.

    I am planning to go down and make an exchange again… just for the sake of not loosing money – but I truly, madly, deeply, disappointed with this ridiculously fail to perform wireless router.

    The other reviews, trust me, I fell for them too – but they did not go deep – if they do they won’t praise this product at all – really just technology jargons being used for marketing purpose but not giving lots of sense. Either you go with normal home network or go to prosumer product like Mikrotik or Ubiquity if you want more features or if you have loads of cash you can go for enterprise line like Cisco (less feature but really robust). So it’s up to you but I do give my honest experience so others may save their precious money and live a better life.

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