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  1. Michael Scott says:

    Your review of Automatic Call Recorder (for Android phone calls) WOULD have been interesting (maybe even USEFUL) if you hadn’t contradicted yourself about how it works in the first two sentences describing the product.

    You said: “Once you download and install the app on your Android smartphone, you can use it to record all or some of your phone calls.”

    Then you go on to say, “By default, Automatic Call Recorder records all your phone calls but then lets you choose which ones you want to keep.”

    So, apparently you CAN’T “use it to record SOME of your calls”….it’s ALL or NOTHING. And, I’m sorry, but THAT is a pain in the ass!

    I don’t want to have to manage the clutter of having recorded every flippin’ call I make or receive, including gab sessions with my buddy about the PGA tournament on the weekend or my call to Pizza Pizza, about which toppings I want on my 24-incher!

    I want the very modest flexibility of being able to decide part way through a conversation with my Financial Advisor (for example) that, HEY, I’d better get this down on record so I can check back later and review what he said with my wife. Or, be able to turn on the recorder when making a call to a potential new Internet provider so I can keep track of their “promised features and benefits”.

    Until an app comes along that allows me to hit the RECORD button MID-CALL…only on the calls I WANT…I’m out!

    • Anonymous says:

      Such features cannot be offered by third-party apps, only by the operating system, if its manufacturer decides to implement them. Considering how in some countries/states it is illegal to record calls without prior consent from the party you talk to, we don’t think that we are going to see this feature in Android.

      • Lala says:

        Hello everybody,
        the ZTE Blade L3 had this feature including – during a call you can touch on 3 little points … touch the first point… the record starts….
        And you can see it in the user manual (but – the ZTE Blade L3 is maybe 6 year old 😉

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