2 replies on PowerLinks ads put millions of readers at risk, from major publications like The Verge, Vice News and more

  1. Joe says:

    They are just making the case for ad blockers with their negligence. Ads are not only annoying but they also put users at risk. While I can understand the fact that we needs ads, I don’t understand why this industry is so careless and brainless.

  2. Margus Meigo Waffa says:

    I had this kind of “christian feel” on the site, and felt that i ended up in a clean mannered site that does not try to trick me, as nearly all good sites eventually are surrendered to pentagrams, in here i did not see it, but what confirm and made me smile, is the article workflow, showing what they discover, what professionals think, what software show it and how and what did YOU DO ABOUT IT,
    (i my self dream for building services structured like this)
    this is really great in this day and time, wish You great success and keep yourself true!

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