2 replies on What is Pantone Validated when it comes to laptops and displays?

  1. Rev. Dale R. Shunk says:

    I recently purchased an Asus Q536fd laptop with a Pantone Validated label and read your article through a Google search. I am indeed impressed with the information I learned and now very happy that I have such a validated laptop to use in my work for the Lord God Almighty (only the best for Him) and personal use to impress the grandchildren. It was a very helpful article. Thanks.

  2. Dr. Thomas D. Arkwright says:

    Learning about color, for photography.

    The Pantone feature caught my eye for ASUS laptops with 100% P3 and OLED.

    I’d read any tech stuff you’d recommend or send.

    It’s a bit puzzling that photographers are usually OK with mediocre displays.

    I’m unsure, but I think Apple may be taking untoward liberties to enhance their displays.


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