9 replies on How to use the Microsoft Store in Windows without a Microsoft account

  1. 01KARTEL10 says:

    …additional caveat:

    The app you’ve installed via the offline account isn’t visible to domain accounts on the same local machine which is hella lame. I’m sure there’s a good reason for this though

  2. Francois says:

    Unfortunatelly it does not work anymore

  3. Ray says:

    I have had Windows 10 since just before MS was going to drop the support for Windows 7 (which I really liked) and they said the free upgrade to 10 would no longer be available. I hated having to login to a MS account to do anything and set up local accounts to use Win10 just as I had Win7. Unfortunately that meant I could not access apps only available on the MS Store. I decided to live with that as I refused to give up login in to a local account.
    I finally just did a search to see if there was a way to access the Microsoft Store while still maintaining the use of a local account. I found your article and decided to try it. And it seems to work!
    However it was a little different than what you showed. For me I wanted to install PhotoScape X (free version) and did the search as you said. It was found, but did not show an “Install” button. It showed the “Get” button and for a second I thought it would not allow me to install it. But I clicked on the “Get” button and then it popped up the login request. I selected “No Thanks”, as you suggested and then the “Install” button appeared. I clicked on “Install” and it did download and install correctly.
    So, for me it worked. Thanks for highlighting this very much needed fix!

  4. tammy says:

    the big thing here is- SOME- I cannot download any not even solitaire

  5. Joe Beeris says:

    Doesn’t work. I don’t get the “Install” I get the “Get”. Xing out no longer works. I refuse to create a M$ account just for a free game.

  6. gggirlgeek says:

    In Pro v2004 now it still works. First make sure Windows updates are enabled (um, however you disabled them. But remember to delay them if you don’t want them installed while using the store.)

    Then, in the store, your chosen app’s install button has a brown … (dot dot dot) pull-down button next to it. Click that (“install on my devices”). Then click the little button that appears at the top with a number on it (probably 1, indicating apps waiting to be downloaded.) In that screen, on the left, click the tab “Ready to Install.” You’ll see your new app(s). Click to download it.

    They make it a tedious pain on purpose, I’m sure.

  7. eshan says:


  8. Bill says:

    Microsoft store sucks. I want to buy an app and install it where ever I want not be owned by microsoft rules. Windows 10 sucks. Greedy advertising in the free apps and you can’t install paid apps on non microsoft logged in pc’s.

  9. whynot says:

    This is the worst guide. because reinstallation it forces windows account! 🙁

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