10 Comments to Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security: What is it? How to open it? What can you do with it?

  1. Alex Lawrence says:

    Is there a way to see when a certain rule was established?

  2. Sentrik says:

    My Firewall keeps deleting my rule and when I try to turn it off it turns itself back on. Really frustrating.

  3. Patel Vishwa says:

    Hey I want to create a firewall for collaborative editing system. So no unauthorized users are access the information about the user. So how to create firewall can you give the specific information to me.

  4. john reyes says:

    your link to “how to add and manage new rules does not work, it takes you back to the original article “windows defender firewall with advanced security etc” I wish to know how to add new inbound and outbound rules regarding my VPN, a step by step guide. Thank you.

  5. steve says:

    As straightforward as it might be to some, I find this far too complicated to actually implement myself. It is as if I’ve broken down in my car and here’s the manual to rebuild the engine. I know how to drive but I’m not a mechanic! I will ring the RAC/AA etc.

    • Beau says:

      IKR?! And let’s drop (unnecessary!) additional/alternative steps to access the Firewall In-/Outbound-settings, and exclusively use the 1st step (available on any PC), ie, typing “wf.msc” in the search box, because now it only muddies the waters (and how about the manner of opening? As an “Administrator” or not?!).
      And there’s not one provided example regarding steps to add a rule that isn’t in the existing lists, only to allow/block ones already there.
      I need to add in-/out rules for my VPN, but the only one that has any worded commonalities (ie, “Virtual”) is “Virtual Machine check” and several “Virtual Smartcard” rules (I doubt they have anything to do with VPN); or should I look for it under my WiFi?
      Way too much superfluous data leading to one’s confusion opposed to clarity; to establish the latter you should post a “clean” “no-frills” and (preferably) “no-fail” step plan: This isn’t it, sorry! There’s a difference between knowing something, and teaching others how-to…

  6. Mitchell L Gottsagen says:

    I keep trying to download VIPRE and it won’t load. Says virus detected and virus scan failed. It deletes it. Need to download program from work for remote access and am getting virus scan failed.
    What gives?

  7. Patrick Xiao says:

    Please just tell me how I config my computer so that I can connect your VPN. I just got totally confused reading your article. I have tried the whole day to connect, but it kills my Internet connection as soon as I try to use your app. I am running Windows10.

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