13 replies on How to view and use PDF, XPS and TIFF files with the Reader app in Windows

  1. bob says:

    You forgot one important aspect that is very very annoying with the reader app

    It holds open the files of what you have viewed, even after you have stopped viewing the document and closed the window

    This means you cannot move the files, rename the files or do anything but copy the files as reader will hold them open

    You have to go into the task manager and kill the read app to be able to do anything with the files after you have viewed them with reader, which makes the reader app a huge pain and not worth it

  2. Atif says:

    The reader app also does not zoom to page width as in adobe

  3. Paula W says:

    I hate the reader app. I am in college and it is easier to switch from tab to tab in Explorer as I did in Windows 7. How can I turn this feature OFF? Now I go to the app then have to go to the bottom left hand corner of the screen then click desktop then click explorer to get to where I was before.

  4. John says:

    I seem to have a problem with all my apps in the new metro UI in windows 8.1 including in the Reader App. When I want to save a file I can only do so in onedrive, I can click on onedrive and change it to this PC for exemple but I see no folders and if I try and save I have a error message saying I cant save here.
    Does Windows 8.1 allow apps to acces the C drive? or is it a problem with my settup?

  5. mehmet erdem alagüney says:

    there should be “night mode”. i can do it from windows settings but it can be one button accessible.

  6. Mackenzie says:

    I keep having issues where in a file that has pages with different orientations, it’ll only print one way. Such as only landscape or only portrait, which makes the printed result screwy.

  7. Robert says:

    I can not get the reader app to add text into PDF documents that this feature is turned on in I load onto windows 7 laptop and use standard ADOBE no problem at all, how do you text type in PDF Reader or is it so useless it cant do it.

  8. Zoltán Pintér says:

    Is it somehow possible to change default viewing mode in reader app?

  9. John Turner says:

    When I “Save As” a pdf file, I do not see a choice for “Favorites”. I have to start at Documents and walk the whole tree. I also do not see an option to create a new Folder once I get there.

  10. Nick Homewood says:

    “It holds open the files of what you have viewed, even after you have stopped viewing the document and closed the window”.

    Agreed! very annoying. If you read a document from an email attachment and you already have 5 files open it does not close the first file to allow the space, instead it opens the 5th file instead! I had a document to open which was very similar to the 5th document and it opened that one which was very confusing and dangerous. I was also blaming someone for sending me the wrong document. Not good.

  11. sandesh says:

    narrator is not working on this app in windows 8.1
    please help!

  12. Bill Lodge says:

    Can I join/merge multi files into one file?

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