3 Comments to How to Use Windows Update from Windows 8.1’s PC Settings

  1. lu maw says:


  2. Gunther Steinberg says:

    Most of the time updates failed to install, OR
    Problem with downloading files.
    Automatic update failed 4 month ago. No one told me, Though MS Claims they would inform user.
    Searching for a KB to check whether installed is not feasible via update history, if a few days old.
    Have to search for it via r.
    one of many bugs in Windows 8.1.
    Search for KBxxxx-> nothing.
    usually Search –> too many irrelevant items, frequently 99-10%

    1. Gunther Steinberg says:

      Correction for post: search for a KBXXX in registry.
      Use regedit, then find and enter the KB number.

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