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  1. Stepen says:

    I just installed a new windows 7 computer, it found my home network/internet connection with no problem. It sees the wireless laptop (vista machine) also on the network, but can’t access it, and the other way around. I have a netgear wireless router, and hardline installed. I have also gone through several of the trouble-shooter dialogs, and all come up with the same thing, unable to fix the problem. Also have even gone thru and disabled password requirements as well.

    • John says:

      I also have the same problem, I can’t seem to connect to my vista laptop from my windows 7 laptop but I can connect the other way around. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

  2. The trouble shooter says:

    Windows 7 has a very complete list of troubleshooting wizards which can help you identify the root cause of your networking problems and ways to fix them. In two months of using it, I never had a networking problem which Windows 7 couldn’t identify correctly. The instructions I received helped me fix most issues by myself. When not, they contained very useful information which helped in the dialog with my Internet provider and their technical support people understood what’s happening and what they need to fix.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just installed Windows 7 on a machine that was running Vista previously. I have a wireless network up using a DLink router. On this network I have no issues connecting with Vista, a Blackberry Wifi, iPhone and an older laptop with XP. Windows 7 just will not connect. This is the laptop that was connected using Vista the day before I put Windows 7 on it, so I know the hardware works. I’m really disappointed that something as simple as connecting to Wifi is such a challege with Windows 7. I’m an IT person myself, and the wizards are useless. I see it disable and enable the ethernet adapter and ultimately just tells me it doesn’t work. Wonderful.

    • Ciprian says:

      The problem is not with Windows 7, it lies with the firmware of the DLink router. Please update it to the latest version and most probably it will work. With a new operating system you cannot keep out-of-the-box compatibility with lots of older hardware. Something will not work, you have to give up on some devices. And for you, the easiest solution is to go to the DLink website, download the latest firmware for your router and update it.

    • Maryse says:

      How do I connect windows 7 to the internet?

  4. Christine says:

    Hello! I bought a new laptop for my husband with Windows 7 64bit. I transfered his settings from his Windows XP Pro laptop using the Easy Windows Transfer cable.
    This is where I think the problem is. But not positive, because my daughter also got a new windows 7 laptop, (they are both Toshiba’s) .
    OK so the issue is I have been trying to get the wireless network connection to connect automatically. Every time I either start or put the computer to sleep, I have to manually click on my network, and then click connect, even though the button is checked to connect automatically, then the biggest pain is I have to put in the network key each and every time. Now my daughter’s laptop, no problem it does it like it should. That is why I said about the Easy Transfer. I did not use it on hers. So I am pretty sure it is not the router, Linksys. It has been updated to the lastest firmware. I can also see all the other computers in my network. And windows troubleshooter never ever has helped me solve anything. It just says no problems were detected. So I am at a loss. It is more of pain in the butt than anything. I just can’t stand having to type in my key every time. Thank you

  5. Anonymous says:


    I have a problem regarding windows 7 and I will really appreciate it if you can assist me,

    I am running windows 7 32 bit and I have a Vodafone K3765-Z and it doesn’t connect to internet I am thinking that maybe I need to find a different software to connect it and initially I was using Win7 64bit and it was connecting perfectly.

    Please tell me what I need to do in odder to make it work.

    • Ciprian says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have the vodafone model you have and cannot help you. Did you try Vodafone support? or maybe the Hwawei forums?

  6. Turbotojo says:

    I just set up my network manually like I always do with XP on my WIN 7 laptop and it works great. When I shut down and restart it it tells me I am on a public network and have now connection. I did manage to get it back to a home network and got it working again.
    How do I get the settings to stay?

    As soon as I get all the drivers I will install XP and get back to something that works for me.

  7. HL says:

    Yahoo msgr on win 7 ultimate

    i’m using windows 7 ultimate and i can’t download yahoo messenger 10. i’ve been trying to download it for days… i’ve turned off my firewall, etc…but it doesnt seem to work. what seems to be the problem?

    can anyone help me please???? thank you..

    • Ciprian says:

      Can you please share some screenshots, error messages, etc?
      Yahoo Messenger 10 is compatible with Windows 7 so it should work without problems.

  8. HL says:

    thanks for the quick response!=)

    i have figured out what the problem is.it’s not about my laptop or windows 7. it’s about the internet connection that’s limiting me to download something…

  9. w nobes says:

    My laptop works fine at home via a wireless router but I cannot get online when away from home. I have tried a friend’s secure network (with key) and various open ones.
    I have tried to connect to open networks at home but my laptop automatically switches to my own security enables network. Could it be that there are settings that I have to alter so that my laptop will work on other networks?I thought this should work automatically?

  10. Ray says:

    First, I really like windows 7 however I can not connect to the wireless router at work. I can connect to my new Net Gear router at home with no problems. From everything I ‘ve read the work router most likely needs updated firmware. I tried unistalling Norton to see if the fire wall was preventing connection but that wasn’t it. I tried the wizards but they said my computer was configured correctly, that the router was not responding to it. I see that this is a reacuring problem and am starting to think its the routers firmware. I just wanted to exhaust every possibility before I give my IT guy a fit. Dose anyone have any input? Thanks

    • Ciprian says:

      The most probable root-cause is the age of the router and its firmware. Try to speak with your company’s IT department so that they have it updated and fixed.

      • Anonymous says:

        So, the problem is that the router needs an update so that Mr. windows 7 can connect! Havent you thougt about “old” routers in cafes and in foreign countries wich simply are not going to be updated so quikly… Could all the engeneers at Microsoft not think about this. Honestly: thats making life complicated!

        • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          Blaming it on Microsoft is not really going to help anybody. There are more problems with vendors of network devices which don’t really update their products, have buggy firmware, than with Microsoft not ensuring wide-spread compatibility of their products across a large variation of devices.
          If there is blamed to be placed, it is more with the vendors of such products than with Microsoft. What Microsoft tries to do is push the world forward and introduce newer and better technology. They have their shortcomings too, but not as many as people tend to think. We are too used to blaming Microsoft for everything and we are simply blind to the actual problems and who is generating them.

          Anyway… not trying to start a “flame war”. Just trying to explain things.

  11. marmar says:

    I have windows 7 on my computer but I have a problem that I can not conect the printer on the newtwork .The printer is hp laserjet 1300

  12. Scott says:

    I recently bought a Dell1400 inspiron laptop with windows 7 operating system and the hard drive was bad via tech support looking at thew system through the internet,conecting remotely (right up front they could’nt get me to connect through the wifi and had to plug in a hard line. The diagnostic outcome was a bad hard drive.They came to replace the hard drive and now I cannot get the intrernet with hard line or wifi. I have multiple x-box live accounts connecting cordless as well as two other laptops and they have no problems. I’m wondering if there is possibly something That the tech could have left unplugged inside or what? I’ve already tried tech support with dell and they want money to go any further. (even though I’ve never been able to get onto the web)
    Any sugestions????

  13. Anonymous says:

    DELL E5500 with Windows 7 will not auto connect to WiFi.

    I have four Dell laptops. Three running XP and a new Dell Latitude E5500 with Windows 7.

    The Windows 7 Dell WILL NOT automatically connect to ANY wireless network. I have to manually connect every time. It is not the router firmware. It is not hardware. There are enough people having the same problem here that Dell or Microsoft need to solve this and post the solution.

    It’s also not router dependent. I travel every week to several locations. I have an ATT Uverse router at home, Linksys, Belkin, and Verizon Mifi that I regularly connect to with the other XP laptops.

  14. Hannah says:

    Recently had some problems connecting to a network.
    Connected fine until brother decided to unplug modem and router whilst I was connected. Replugged and rebooted everything, restarted computer; it now is unable to find the network. The profile is saved, and ‘automatically connect’ checked, but fails to do so. Have removed network profile and added but hasn’t changed anything. The network I want to connect to doesn’t appear in ‘list of available networks’. I know that the router is definitely broadcasting the network because I am still able to connect to it via my laptop.
    Any suggestions? It’s extremely frustrating…

    • AndrewH1993 says:

      Ive been having the same problem, I could not connect to the network because its like saved or something…. you would think it would be in the registry or something in that case…. I could be wrong… Have you found a solution to this problem yet?

  15. Anonymous says:


    Do a search — thousands of people are having horrible problems networking Windows 7 — IP6 conflicts with some older routers, which the wizards don’t pick up, computer names that contain characters (like dashes) cannot be read and the wizards don’t pick this up, several services must be active and the wizards don’t pick those up (I had to go in manually and activate one, the wizard did NOT notify me the service wasn’t running (the DNS)) — after six weeks of trying everything, I am paying to have my computers downgraded to XP. Networking in Windows 7 is insanely difficult and the wizards don’t even pick up on any of the problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can’t figure out why you are having such a problem. My home network consists of computers running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and even Ubuntu and all are able see each other – and share files – with no problem. My router is a Linksys wrt54g model.

      • Julie in Indy says:

        I have a similar set up and the exact same router; however, I’ve had problems with my brand new desktop running Windows 7 – got a new adapter (also Linksys – WUSB600N with updated driver) and once I over-rode the power settings, at least I’m not losing my connection every time it hibernates or sleeps. HOwever, I continually get a low signal and it’s slow to load – even though I’ve changed *NOTHING* about the location of the machine or the router.

        I truly believe it’s the adapter’s driver and compatibility issues with Dell. After hours on the phone with various techies at both Dell and Cisco (maker of Linksys), I gave up. I am now debating whether I should get a new router (more compatible with Win 7) or a repeater (to strengthen the signal).

        I have to repeat – when I had a desktop in this exact same location running XP against the same network, albeit with an older adapter (WUSB54G), I never had connectivity or signal issues.

        My XP laptop has *no* issues, even if wirelessly connected from the same location as the desktop.

        My daughter’s Vista laptop has no issues.

        Another daughter’s HP Win 7 has no issues, though it is not wirelessly connected.

        I could cheerfully scream.

      • Scott says:

        I don’t know

    • Bill says:

      I have to agree that the root cause of the network and internet connectivity is NOT the router firmware- after 6 weeks of phone-based trouble shooting and 5 visits by my DSL provider (Verizon), the fix has FINALLY come in the form of an old (yes, OLD) Westell 6500 modem (provided by Verizon) in tandem with my Cisco router. The previous system configuration dropped my network offline every 7 minutes- like clockwork, for over 6 weeks.

      The real shame is that Verizon even replaced 300 plus-feet of underground wire trying to eliminate this problem.

      It is hopeful that eventually, providers such as Verizon and others will recognize that M$ 7 has been the culprit. Gees, hate to see that invoice!!!

      Just a very very disgruntled Lenovo and M$ 7 user.

  16. Roger says:

    I`m trying to setup a wireless network at home and something is`nt right, not sure how to proceed. I have a Tenda wireless_N Router, a Speedstream DSL modem, and my computer is running Windows 7. Everything is recognized by Windows, and I am connecting, but when I go to load a webpage or check email, the “connecting to Ameritech DSL” box keeps popping up; it`s like I`m connected, but my computer insists on dialing my DSL modem again. When this happens, my system bogs down badly, and hard-drive activity is crazy. I finally have to unplug from the router, which is Win 7 certified, and go back to using just the DSL modem, knocking out my network. I`m new at networking, so i`m at a loss here. The other end of the network is a Win XP box upstairs, and no problems there, it shows the network and is connected. Thanks for any help.

  17. nick says:

    i have dell xps1530 laptop. i have this lan connection from office and after connecting it my internet works fine but i cannot browse the other computers but every other person can. i have turned my firewall off, shared everything, turned mt security to minimum, network exploring is on but when click on the computer name it cant open the location. tried troubleshooting too…plz help me out here guys 🙁

  18. Anonymous says:

    I just received a new laptop from work that has a built in wireless card. I seem to have everything set up, and am currently using it to search this forum. The problem is that occasionally I get disconnected, and when this happens, the network list won’t repopulate, even after I click on refresh. I even turn off the wireless adaptor and turn it back on, it still will not refresh the list of networks. The only way to reconnect is to shut the computer down and restart it… Is there some kind of setting that is causing this issue?

  19. kennysarmy says:


    I’ve just completed a build of a home PC with the P7P55D LE motherboard.

    Previously I had XP on another PC and my internet was rock solid.

    Now when I reboot my new windows 7 PC it reports that the internet is down.

    I have to reset the router or sometimes by disabling and re-enabling the on-board NIC on the m/b it comes back up.

    I have tried the following:

    reducing the lan speed to 100 full.
    disabling all the wol features
    disablign the green feature within the network card.

    Any ideas before I purchase a PCI network card to see if the problem IS the m/b?


    Just to add when the internet locks up I can still access the Routers setup page via a browser session.
    All the lights on the router appear as normal, however windows 7 reports there being a problem with the internet…which the “helper” tries to diagnose and comes back with “unknown error”

    • Ciprian says:

      Can you borrow a network card? It sounds like your on-board one has issues. Better to check though with another card before spending money on one.

  20. Armidat says:


    I have a Dell, Inspiron 11 with Windows 7 & 1397 WLAN Mini-Card. It does not detect the wireless network.
    I have tried manually adding the net work, disabling/enabling it, also uninstalling/intalling Wifi & adapter from Device Manager, as well as turning off & on wireless button, but no use!
    Please help.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i have 2 computers in the same network,one of them does not access the internet and the other does.This happened after i formatted my pc,installed the drivers my second accessed the internet and when i did windows 7 updates and i restarted the pc,i couldnt access the internet.my other computer did the same updates and its fine,tell me pls what to do?im desperate i tried everything i know.

    • Ciprian says:

      I don’t think the updates have anything to do with your problems unless you have installed the wrong driver to your network card and now it malfunctions. Have you tried the troubleshooters mentioned in this tutorial? They can definitely help you understand what is going on.

  22. kruthi says:

    hi am using windows 7 in my dell laptop
    actually i tried to connect through wireless internet
    status is connected
    but it is showing no internet acess
    access type: No internet access
    wat can ido for this plz help me

  23. rcmichelle says:

    Hi, guys. I got same problem with you. I bought my Dell inspiron last Christmas. It worked sharp at the first few months, but got slow after that. It took about 15 mins to start up. I can even walk away and brew my coffee during waiting! I even thought about reinstall my computer! My friend recommended the software tuneup360 and Norton systemwork. I tried both. Norton did look really powerful and could do lots of thing, but it was too difficult for me and too expensive, while Tuneup360 is my type. I just need to click one big “fix now” button and get my computer fixed. Now my computer takes only 30 sec to start up.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have recently bought a new laptop with windows 7 and it connects perfectly to my wireless router at home when im in the same room as it but not any further away, when signal is good, fair etc. I know other laptops have been able to connect further away and my blackberry has no problem. It seems it will only connect if signal strength is at its maximum which is very frustrating! can anyone help?

  25. Feng Wang says:

    My computer has been working perfectly with wireless connection until 2 days ago. It’s Lenovo laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. My another Lenovo laptop has no problems with wireless connection. The problem is: Access Type: No Internet Accecess

    I have tried the following methods and none of them work:

    (1) reboot many times
    (2) no connection even in safe mode
    (3) in services there’s no “##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B87 9762 ##”
    (4) restart the DHCP service
    (5) stopped windows defender, and disabled it. Rebooted.
    (6) start/run/and type services.msc /go to Bonjour service and click on properties / change it to delayed start
    (7) cmd run as administrator run netsh winsock reset

    What can I do?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      What about – reinstall the drivers for the wireless card? Uninstall them completely, reboot and install the latest version.

  26. ggt says:

    One of the simple way to troubleshoot the internet problem is OpenIE(internet explorer)and type the address u want to open if the connection is good than the page will open otherwise it will open button like (diagnose problem). click the button and it will detect the problem and show the details and what are the steps to take solve the problem. I have done many times like these to solve many internet problems.

  27. Anonymous says:

    ..with the win 7, we are having problems accessing internet. we are getting good connectivity but acess type states “no internet”. Does anyone have a solution? tks

  28. Muhammad says:

    I have installed new operating system i,e win 7. I am facing problem connecting to my wireless connection. Every time I try to connect it says wrong key for router whereas the key I am entering is correct. I can connect my cell phone using same key. Yesterday I was at my friends home and I was able to connect to his internet but I can’t connect one at my place.
    someone please guide me.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely right.. With the help of the network and Internet troubleshooting wizards, we can easily fix this network issues.. if the troubleshooting wizard hasn’t detected any problems but you still have issues, it might mean that you used the wrong wizard.. In this case, try another wizard from the list which is related to the symptoms you are experiencing..

  30. Dwayne says:

    I have both a wirless card and a hardline on my desktop pc, but I still can’t connect to the internet. What is going on? I have windows 7. It reads the wireless, but says I have limited access. Everyone else in house can pick internet up.

  31. Q says:

    I think this is too complicated While using a software for network troubleshooting is quick and easy like athtek..? i THINK it’s good

  32. kshitij says:

    had similar problem …updated with the latest intel driver …..
    if u cannot find it then here is the link for manual download…..


    it will resolve the issue

  33. hayam says:

    i have a problem in my LAP THAT connections have a problem even though other laps within coverage area work well

  34. Shridhar says:

    I have a problem when i switch ON the system. the system was ON but the moniter only show the cursor there is no menu was show … Please help me

  35. neilsonraj says:

    im an IT professional technicion but absolutely i forget every basic information of IT cause of my different job out of range for what i studies for .. but really i appreciate on this webpage i can get a lot of feedback basic’s of I.T thank you

  36. jeb stuart says:

    Windows never answers my questions. Never suggests how I might fix something. Even this page is a joke I’m using Windows 7 and I am curious to know why when I hit the icon for internet access there are a number of sites I don;t wish to log on that are checked to automatically connect and it makes me wonder if my connectivity is compromised because of it. My adapter is constantly failing and it is sometimes a Kaspersky problem but most often windows. That seems to be no help at all. Really an add before you get code, really?

  37. amandacrew says:

    hey can any one help plz. i just connected my pc to lan and my isp gave me an id and password for a broadband connection. the problem is i get connected but only my pc in lan has a worst internet speed whereas others have good speed. my speed is 1mbps. we tried a million ways but it’s of no use

  38. Andy.H says:

    Great article! but some network problem been not caused by local PC, e.g. network storm lead to slow network. so we need some network analysis tools (Ax3soft Unicorn,wireshark and so on) to solve these problems!

  39. Angel Makishi says:

    My PC all of a sudden stopped working. It turns on, but cannot open Windows 7. Without windows 7, I cannot do anything because it shows now icons on the screen other than a word, Windows 7. Is there anything that I can do to fix this problem?

  40. Susan says:

    Whenever I lose my internet I click to view the status and then to diagnose but it tells me that no problems could be found when obviously there is a problem… What’s up with that? Do I need to download an update or something?

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