7 Comments to Test your HDD or SSD and check its health status

  1. Cisca Marius says:

    Well you forgot to mention Hard Disk Sentinel,wich is one of the best tools out there,and what make’s most interesting on this software is that you can use the free option(after 30 days will give you a 10 second wait time untill you can acces the interface)but even after that you can still use it !

  2. Bhavik Solanki says:

    Thank you for sharing this great information. In this post explanation step by step that helpful for people for test hard drive. This information is very helpful and useful many people don’t know about this.

  3. fned says:

    One of the most convenient ways to run the low-level DOS tools from all constructors, which are more powerful than the windows tools, is to use the “Falcon four ultimate boot CD”. It also contains “regenerator” tools, aside from the diagnostics.

  4. Ron S says:

    Your title mentions SSD’s, but that is the last mention. it would be nice if you explicitly mention if any of the apps support SSDs or not.

    1. Ciprian says:

      They work with SSDs too.

  5. George says:

    Thanks for the nice article. I also use Hard Disk Sentinel – worth the price.

  6. John Simon says:

    Hard Disk Sentinel Pro. My HD’s are important to me. Freeware isn’t enough. I have 20 HD’s running at once including 2 in the laptop.

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