9 replies on How to recover deleted files with Recuva (from SSD, HDD, USB stick, etc.)

  1. nt0xik8ed says:

    i just used recuva to find half of a 2nd hard drive that was accidentally left unchecked when doing re-imaging of the c: drive. recuva found everything, the only thing i had to do was rename them back to original. this saved me months of rescanning all the images.

  2. AlexanderMilburn says:

    Hi, thanks so very much for these suggestions!…


  3. Marvin says:

    OK Deep Scan completed, I retained file structure in my scan. Now moving all found files to new clean drive, total of 466 GBs to recover to new drive. Now I know some of these are left overs from web pages & plain junk, I don’t need. Question What is the best way to compare these files with the Original file structure on the Original C drive and then merge or migrate them back together, hopefully in C drive where they started out on without added stuff I don’t need? or work not needed.

  4. Tama says:

    My problem is i when i browse on spesific folder and click at the phone the task shiw the folder cant be used choose another folder. Can you help me plz.

  5. Gary Leon says:

    Recuva is a really good Data recovery software, free and easy to use. I’d also recommend Acethinker Disk Recovery which I have been using for many years. Free as well, and it works on computer, SD card, USB drive and many other devices. Share it here as an alternative to Recuva.

  6. Sophia says:

    Hey! What a great topic! This is comparable to datarecoverysoftware on which I am currently using right now. I work at the IT dept.

  7. Keshav Wakchaure says:

    Respected Sir,
    I successfully recovered the damaged file from my Pen Drive but after restoring to hard drive its not opening. what should I Do?

    • Anonymous says:

      The file might be corrupted. Repeat the recovery process and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, the file is lost, i’m afraid.

  8. Adin says:

    Free tools for lost or deleted data recovery is now in demand and a very large number of people search for free tools instead of paid ones. Recuva, Stellar are some best recommendations for free data recovery.

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