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  1. Anonymous says:

    Problem with this version is that the Corporate skin will not allow any ehancements to be opened. You have to use the Revert skin to make equalizer work. Nothing will open under the corporate skin. WMP12 sucks!

    1. Ciprian says:

      WMP12 does not suck. Just the Corporate skin does. 🙂 I’m sure there are better skins out-there.

  2. Chuck says:

    I liked the older versions. You add a song anywhere into a playlist. If you add a song to a current playlist, it adds it at the end. If you want it to play next, you have add it to the list, go to the bottom of the list, highlight it, and then drag it up the playlist to the new position you want it(which is probably one song later by now). I want my old player back!

  3. craig says:

    how can you play all your video files from the selected video. When you press play all it plays from the first instead of the video you have selected in explorer.

    Basically is there a play all from here option or tweak

  4. nagarjun says:

    i have a problem with my player….
    it is playing songs only once….
    if i want play songs again….i need to restart my computer…..

  5. Ilene says:

    windows 7 professional – 64 bit
    windows media player 12

    windows media player won’t play mpg files that are dolby digital. the file plays back fine in Adobe Premiere Editing software, and the DVD playes fine in the CYberlink DVD player — it seems as if the problem is isolated to WIndows Media player. LOoks like I ammissing an audio codec. I printed the list of codecs and there is no dolby listed.

    ANy solutions??

  6. Ilene says:

    thanks so much for your response.

    In my case, I don’t get any error messages when Windows Media Player 12 plays the mpg file…. I just get video without any audio. THis is why I concluded that I might be missing the codec for dolby audio…

    do you think the klite will solve that issue?

    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Chances are it will solve the issue. That’s why I recommended it.

  7. Hama says:

    Windows Media Player 12 is good to play music but there is not a feature of playing video file to hear only music (only left audio) I mean like Karaoke player. WMP 12 does have a Karaoke player. Sometime i want to sing song with just music but wmp 12 doesn’t make me able to do that. Please help me solve the problem.


    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      WMP12 was not designed to be a karaoke player. For such purposes there is special software, like this one: http://www.karafun.com/karaokeplayer/

  8. Steve says:

    Like Chuck I would like to place new entries in the playlist where I want. I think the solution to get the new item at the top is to create a new list with this item and then add the previous list, renaming where necessary. At the moment I shuffle my collection and cut and paste using temp playlists after listening so that I don’t repeat playing of items as they are added back to the bottom of the list. Not sure if there is an easier way of doing this.

  9. Jim Suszek says:

    I have my playlist all set and play my music in the “Now Playing” mode so that I can see the words to each song with the Lyrics plug in. Windows Media player 12 is fine but one problem I have with it is that every time I start up my music Windows Media Player 12 always starts with the song at the top of my play list. Any way to configure the player to remember where it left off and continue with the next song in the play list? Thank you.

  10. Martin says:

    i have a very long playlist of rock music that i use with my windows media player for windows 7. everytime i open the program and the rock list was the last thing played, it doesnt remember where it left off the way it did when i had xp. it starts at the beginning. is there a way to change it to where the media player remembers its place in a large playlist?

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