4 replies on How To Manage Your Installed & Hidden Windows Updates

  1. Vic says:

    Interesting article

  2. christy says:

    i updated last week windows live messenger..I can now no longer have webcam contact with my friends. some yes and others no..its so upsetting..i have tried to unistall live messnger to go back to an older version but it wont allow it….i wish i never updated it … : (

  3. Richard C. Torres, OD ricardo5@aol.com says:

    How would I know which updates are causing the problem? The Surface Book I am on at this moment is fine. It is the iMac/Parrallel/Windows 10 that I keep having trouble with. Blue screen says to call support and give this info: Stopcode:KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED

  4. James Friley says:

    I am so excited that finally after the long, long, trying to find or get windows an upgrade. Have spent do not know really how long that we have been trying to get just ONE licence, we looked high and low ever where we thought it might be located. Once, maybe called up on the telephone for a licence, but no luck. Really, we have to thank all that made this so wonderfully put together, my heart goes out to all that made this possible, a surprise. Today will let us relax as we have been on this computer way too much. Again we could go on and on but, need to slow down and enjoy all of our updates and go over them as if it was CHRISTMAS.Again thank all that made this such a surprise it will take a long time to digest this day. Thank, Thank. each and everyone, Sincerely, James FRILEY

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