4 replies on How to show the Favorites bar in Microsoft Edge: 4 ways

  1. Stan says:

    I use the Favorites bar – and have dozens of sites and folders overflowing on it. I also edit the names of the sites (right click it and select ‘rename’) so they’re shorter and I can fit more of them in.

    When it has more then it can hold in it’s window, a “˅” shows up on the right that will show more when clicked.

    I do the same with other browsers. On Firefox and Chrome I can edit a site name away so all it shows is the icon. On Edge ( and IE), it has to have at least one character – a space (Alt-255) works nicely. Several of the folders have their own folders.

  2. yorkshirehobnob@aol.com says:

    Fairly long list

  3. William Brittain says:

    I have a lot of folders. The fact that I cannot leave the bookmarks list open at all times in Edge bothers the hell out of me. Also the amount of ads is ridiculous. I am ready to go back to Firefox.

  4. Mark Filip says:

    I have tons of favorites and folders, so many that they can’t fit on the screen because the spacing in the bookmarks is not adjustable. This is the only reason I don’t use Edge. Sending requests to add this feature to their development team is pointless. They neither reply nor care what we think based on other requests users have sent in. Too bad, I’d love to use Edge but won’t because of this.

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