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  1. Brunej says:

    Well, considering the all brand new Windows Live Essentials 2011, perhaps the biggest and most important news on ad-hoc basis, is the crucial and “slap at a face” fact, that it is not attend for installation on Microsoft Windows XP OS anymore, and despite another fact, that in our, good and old Microsoft Windows XP OS, the last and really, even now, long and bye-bye official date is 8 April 2014… That is the first thing which I do not like in general, despite the fact, that 90% of all of mine Computers are fully on Windows 7 OS running mode by now…

    So, let me just say to you what happened to me one of these mornings…
    I have a Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS on one of mine, freshly, brand new Computer… Everything is clean, new, all the Software are totally new, and all Updated, I do not have any bugs, Malware infections, bad or old Software installations…
    So, one of these mornings and on right this PC which I just described in short, Windows Update service offer to Update my Windows Live Messenger v2010 to v2011. It was some 100-160MB in size Update as I recall…
    As I was also install, even last Windows Live Essentials 2010 without some software portions from these Software pack (I did not install Family Safety, Windows Live Mail & Outlook Connector), I expects even from these all brand new Windows Live Essentials 2011 that two things all here are self assumed:

    a) That I do not need to first Remove / Uninstall all four Windows Live Essentials 2010 issues via my Control Panel -> Programs and Features

    b) That, during the all brand new installation of Windows Live Essentials 2011, if I setup that I do not want to install all offered Software from these pack, if I again, like in previous v2010 installation, say that I do not want that it installs Family Safety, Windows Live Mail & Outlook Connector, he will accept all that, nice and simple… And he really says, during v2011 installation: “Update only the Windows Live programs already installed”…

    Unfortunate, I first did not Uninstall my previous Windows Live Essentials 2010 from my PC, since, quite logically, my Windows Update service offer me an Update for Windows Live Essentials 2011 and he did not say that first I need to Uninstall manually old Windows Live Essentials 2010, then restart the PC, and then, finally install all brand new Windows Live Essentials 2011 all here…
    So, I choose direct Windows Live Essentials 2011 update installation without first deleting the old one v2010 all here…
    Luckily, as a standard precaution, the System Restore point is created automatically during the v2011 installation…, and…, the special v2011 installation window pop up on my screen, as long as the Windows Update service window is also in parallel and open running on my screen… After some 12-15 minutes, this special v2011 installation window confirm that installation is 100% finish, but the Windows Update service window still says that it is on 50% of installation of the same (?).
    So, I wait some half an hour, and nothing changes…, so I go via Start to restart my PC and he did that successfully…
    After restarting my PC, my MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS report that new Updates are installed in the Tray/(System) Notification Area balloon… When I go to see it, it says Windows Live Essentials 2011 Installation Status: Failed.
    And now, two more fatal discovering: Uninstallation of Windows Live Essentials 2011 is not possible at all (it is not working), and even one more cherry on the top and in already, so everybody familiar, Microsoft old fashion design way, Windows Live Essentials 2011 install deliberately simply all the Software from its pack, despite my specifically order, that I do not want Family Safety, Windows Live Mail & Outlook Connector!
    The only solution for me by now, since I cannot Uninstall it, was try to get back the system before Windows Live Essentials 2011 installation, so I run a System Restore which I really use rarely, and, luckily, that was only thing which function great this morning of mine…

    After that, I go to official Windows Live Essentials 2011 Webpage, download English “wlsetup-web” bootstrap installation file, because I decide to try a more manual installation approach of the same…
    Before running it, just a precaution measure, and despite the fact that this kind of an AntiMalware Suite never gives me any headache or any confrontations, especially with Windows Update service, I just temporally deactivate my AV Module of mine Eset Smart Security (ESS) v4.2.40.0. This is very well known and exceptionally great and lightweight AntiMalware Suite on the global IT Security market, gives me nothing but the stable environment with so little bugs and headaches, despite some other concurrent products on the market…
    … Well, I just mentioned the exact AntiMalware Suite which I use on some of mine computers, because, people need to be aware that this all problems of mine described in this text, did not happened simply because my AntiMalware Software somewhow breaks installation of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 and similar… That’s all…

    And finally, then I manually run the English “wlsetup-web” bootstrap installation file. Now, he really asks again what I want that he Install from its Software portion offers (here is a some new thing as an offer, calls Windows Live Mesh, and also the Bing Bar, Outlook Connector Pack, Family Safety, Windows Live Mail…)
    Well, except Windows Live Mesh from here, all other I just say that I do not want to install.
    Also, it says to me, that, before installed software (which is already installed on my PC with Windows Live Essentials 2010), will gets automatically Updated now with whole new v2011 installation procedure…
    And again, by good old fashion Microsoft way, Microsoft pushing Users to install simply everything, the same old story which was before year or two ago, when in the first few months Windows Live Essentials 2010 installs also everything from its Software portfolio to its Users.

    And why Microsoft does that?
    Well, the most obvious and simplest reason to me is that he likes that we install everything from this package… This is because this package is very important to Microsoft, so, it testing it on us, analyzing reports, statistics of usage for future Software planning’s perfections, fixing bugs…, all that will be much quicker if many users will install this WHOLE package…
    Of course, soon after few months from now, Microsoft will decide miraculously to fix bootstrap file and everything related with it, and finally allow to users to really decide what they wants from this Software package, but, for 95% of PC users, that will be simply irrelevant anymore and, of course, to late, because they download and force of installing simply everything and the whole deal right now, and they are not be able to decide what they want from the fruit basket… So, once they have it simply all, consider how many of the users will later decide to Uninstall something from it…?
    – Yeah, right, many PC inexperienced users will certainly done that… 🙂
    And that is for Microsoft counts for… That most percentage of users will have all that installed for…, forever… 🙂
    It is completely irrelevant to Microsoft the fact, that, if I already use Microsoft Outlook for more than 10 years, that I do not want to use or install Windows Live Mail, or, if I am IT Security Expert, what I want to do with Family Safety on my Computer, for e.g.? 🙂
    And considering the BAR conotation, well, in whole IT Security manner, consider how IT people likes any BAR whatsoever… 🙂

    In fact, this all forcing issue by Microsoft to install simply everything, forcing me also, that I do not want to install and use this Windows Live Essentials 2011 in general, and at all.
    It’s like aggressive commercial, smells bad…, despite the good things – some good software, free software…

    But the bad things all here with v2011, simply blow my nerves apart…
    And especially in a nature on catastrophic way of first v2011 Install try fiasco, described at the beginning of this text.
    And, did I just forget to mention that even now, after second try of my manual download and installation of English “wlsetup-web” bootstrap installation file of v2011, I still say that this Update is installed as a “Failure”! 🙂
    And, as another cherry on the top and at the end, I already try all this to repeat as an experiment, on even a second computer of mine, the same all this bad story described in whole this text of mine, happened also even here! 🙁

    At last note all here, I will definitely try to Uninstall simply everything now consider any Windows Live Essentials issue via my Programs and Features, to give a shoot of one more Installation of Windows Live Essentials 2011, just one more time from the total scratch.
    – The third time, even God helps, right? Well, cross fingers on that!
    In any case, beam me up Scotty to next generation of Windows Live Essentials 2011 and have a great fun, well, especially with its installation!

    Cheers to all!
    Cheers to Microsoft also, and thank You for offering all us again the FREE Software pack from You!

  2. Brunej says:

    Well, today, after the dreadful fiasco of mine which happened before few days ago (last of my writings all here in previous comment…), I confirm today, that general Windows Live Essentials 2011 Uninstallation via Programs and Features, followed by PC restart, and then, freshly installation of that same Windows Live Essentials 2011 from the beginning, will give you a way to install this correctly – as described in an official article on upper part of this Webpage: “How to Install Windows Live Essentials 2011 Tools”!

    So, the problem is apparently with mass Users which already have Windows Live Essentials 2010 and they did not Uninstall it first, and instead of that, just do an direct Update to Windows Live Messenger 2011.
    So, my advice to all of them, to all old Windows Live Essentials 2010 users, is, to first manually remove / Uninstall all four of the Windows Live Essentials 2010 issues via Programs and Features, followed by PC restart, and only then manually install all the brand new Windows Live Essentials 2011.
    That’s all!

    1. Guest says:

      Or you could just use Thunderbird portable.

  3. faisal says:

    When ever i sign in,in Windows Live Messenger 2011 ,this msg appears and messenger stop working, something like “Windows live messenger has stopped working, A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. The program will close and windows will notify you if a solution becomes available.

    what should i do?

    1. Ciprian says:

      Try to uninstall the Windows Live Essentials package, reboot your computer and then install them again.
      It’s hard to say what went wrong. It might be a faulty installation.

    2. CD says:

      I performed a clean install, and I had the exact same problem. I run Windows Vista. The Windows Essentials 2011 is a beta program. It is buggy. I suggest you unistall it and revert to using your earlier version until Microsoft’s engineers fix the problem with 2011.

      1. Ciprian says:

        Windows Live Essentials 2011 is no longer in beta stage. The final product has been release for quite some time now.

  4. JoannF says:

    Doesn’t anyone screen the submissions for this website? At the very least, you should make certain those contributing column writers have a good command of English grammar. And, someone with a good command of English grammar should definitely proofread all entries. This one is an embarrassment for your website.

    1. Ciprian says:

      Sorry about that. Can you share what exactly you did not understand? We can try to help.

    2. British Guy says:

      joannf (caps off on purpose) – your attitude stinks – at least he tried to help – bad time of the month love ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Having the same message whenever I start Windows Live Messenger 2011 ,this msg appears and messenger stop working, something like “Windows live messenger has stopped working, A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. The program will close and windows will notify you if a solution becomes available.

    OS windows 7 64bit

  6. BARON67 says:

    Many thanks for all the info about Windows live as my brother told me he had upgraded to 2011 i tried upgrade my messenger but failed also will stick with my old 2009 build 14
    as i was unaware of 2011 being a beta version
    also i am only running XP SP3

    1. Ciprian says:

      2011 IS NOT a BETA version. It is the final version.

  7. Yesogre says:

    Hehehe the problem still exists.

    Try it with another e-mail account and you may get in, but by loggin inwith the same you started with may get you stuck.

    Conclusion: for these days just stay with the good -ol- msn 9.x

  8. Anonymous says:

    Windows Live Essentials 2011 can’t be installed or uninstalled in normal mode.
    When there will be next version with working install and uninstall features?

    1. Ciprian says:

      What do you mean by that? The application can be easily installed or uninstalled. Things are more complicated when you want to upgrade from older versions… unfortunately.

      1. Anonymous says:

        i mean that live mail in win 7 can’t be installed in normal way (no upgrade)
        there must be unchecked everything else in live essentials excepting live mail
        very strange product install

  9. Shyn says:

    Can’t install Bing Bar
    This’s my problem, plz look it !

  10. green2000chevy says:

    Fantastic information provided here! I bought a new laptop (Windows 7) and after creating the system restore disks, I immediately attempted to run windows update. I had the same problem with the failure to install Live Essential. After the multiple reboots the computer required during the failed install phase (“Rolling Back System…”, reboot, “Rolling Back System…”, reboot, etc), I was faced with an error screen requiring me to use the recovery disks I made at the time I logged in for the first time. Your site showed me what was the cause and now I can can try to install my updates manually, ignoring the Live Essentials until after any more critical patches are done and I can do another system backup. I also agree that grammar is not as big an issue as long as one can follow what is being explained by the posting person.

  11. Travis says:

    when i download windows live essentials on my windows 7 it doesn’t download any programs. it did the first time i installed it but my messenger didn’t work so i deleted and uninstalled it to try again but now, like i said, it won’t download anything. am i doing something wrong or what?

  12. Rosemarie says:

    had problems with win Live mail-tried repair-no good.
    uninstalled essentials 11. no more windows live-right??
    wrong. tried to reinstall essentials 11- needed mail and gallery-not interested in mesh, bing etc. it says-mail and gallery are installed and will not give me that.
    So now what. have tried all day- also did reinstall win 7 home premium from cd with SP1 on it. did upgrade- windows is fine- but windows live is non existent on my pc. yet again win live says it is- so now what??

    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Look into C:Program FilesWindows Live (on 32-bit versions of Windows 7) or C:Program Files (x86)Windows Live (on 64-bit). Do you have the Mail and Photo Gallery folders there?

      If you do, run the executable files for these apps from there and see if they work.

      1. Rosemarie says:

        no, the only thing there is writer- I let it install that thinking it would give me mail and photo gallery–no such luck.

        1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          Can you try a complete uninstall. Then, make sure you reboot the system, cleanup any files left in the Program Files folder of Windows Live and then install again?

          If you get any kind of errors, don’t hesitate to write them down and share them.

  13. Rhys says:

    Windows Messenger became corrupt a couple of months back and so I uninstalled Windows Live Essential and now, everytime I try to install Windows Live Essential it all does the correct thing and says “you have the latest version” and all, but…. Tadaaaa! I can’t find what was installed. I’ve pretty much gone through all the files possible to find where the program is. What’s going on????

  14. CJ says:

    I have actually uninstalled Windows Live and can’t re install it. Your probably wondering why I uninstalled it, well it wouldn’t update so I thought I could re install it but can’t.

  15. Richard says:

    Windows live essentials demands that I install. No install no Windows Live Mail. I do so ( as I have no choice) and the new version loses ALL mu contacts and there is no way I can import. I have wasted hours. Restore – retry – restore etc. Please can this abominatin of an up date be sorted out. I WANT MU CONTACTS!!

    1. Jogusto says:


      You mean “My” Contacts?

      So tough to get it right? No wonder you’re having a hard time. Sorry…

  16. Franco says:

    To run Essentials 2012 under Windows 10, you must enable .Net Framework 3.5. Do so under “Control Panel” => “Programs and Features” => “Turn Windows Features on or off” => and enable there. Otherwise Essentials will not work correctly.
    I use only the Live Mail feature, because I work mostly offline and keep all mails and feeds locally. Thunderbird is an alternative, but I prefer Live Mail due to its complete but compact features.

  17. tazmo8448 says:

    My understanding is one of the big reasons it was discontinued is that it was found to have security issues, especially the Outlook and Messenger programs. Thus Edge and other assorted changes to how Windows operates were mainly due to these issues which in my mind is a good idea.

  18. Le Filler says:

    I have Windows Live Mail, Microsoft 8.1, I.E – For some reason today I can receive mail but can not send. It keeps asking for my username and password (which are in there) and when I finally give up and click on “cancel” it tells me that the send function failed. I have done the Windows Essentials 2012 repair 2 times. Restarted the computer several times. Can someone help me, please?

  19. JT says:

    Good and helpful article but multiple links are dead. Unfortunately, since it was written in 2017, some references no longer exist. Live Writer has has changed their URL.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thanks for letting us know. We will try to update the article in the future.

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