20 replies on 4 ways to change the desktop wallpaper in Windows 10

  1. Helper says:

    To change the desktop background in windows 7 for HP you need to fix it,
    it is default in stretch mode , if you want to change you have to download SoftPaq SP45575 “Wallpaper Picture Position Enabler” and fix it, its only for specific Presario and desktops
    you can download it from here

  2. fred says:

    is there a way to change the position of the wallpaper, when using ‘fit’?
    Essentially I would like to have my pictures aligned right, not center.

  3. janeth says:

    necesito saber si puedo cambiar el fondo d escritorio de una mini lap que tiene Windows 7

    • Dean Galloway says:

      Si tienes un “netbook” con “Windows 7 Starter,” no puedes cambiar el fondo.

  4. Anonymous says:

    my Niece is running windows 7 and going into conrtol panel there is an appearance but no personalization
    how can she get this?

    • Ciprian says:

      The path is Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Personalization

    • kathrynn says:

      I dont no either but i am running window 7 too an the thing doent comme up i dont know what too do! i asked everyone and they have no clue bcuz they dont have window 7! i need help

      • Dean Galloway says:

        If you have a “netbook” with “Windows 7 Starter,” there are some things you can change, but apparently you can’t change the desktop background using Windows 7 Starter Edition. That might be why you can’t find the control panel you’re looking for?

  5. Old Bloke says:

    I know of a way to have 2 monitors and have different wallpapers for each monitor. Is it possible to do the same with Windows 7 Pro 64bit ? The method used for win XP cannot be used for Win7 Pro, as it has different Display properties.

    • Ciprian says:

      By default, in Windows 7 you cannot set a different wallpaper for each of the monitors. However, there might be some 3rd party software that does this.

  6. Isccookies says:

    how do i get to the dropdown menu where you can choose positioning options?

  7. Anonymous says:

    XP allows (through the web tab) multiple photos to be displayed at the same time on the desktop (not a slideshow). It also allows those photos to be resized and moved to any position on the desktop. Is there any way to do the same in 7?

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree! With the popularity of high pixel count cameras, most of my photos are very large. And without exception, they all look crappy when “stretched” or “fit” using the standard controls. What is missing is the ability to manually size and position a photo (or photo frame) wherever I want on the screen. This would also help when I switch from mobile to my desktop monitor which is a different size.

      Does anyone know of a way to do this or of some 3rd party software?

      Microsoft missed the chance to combine one of the best features of Windows XP with Windows 7 on this one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    There’s no Personalize when I do the right-click. That is why I can’t change my desktop background. I tried to find something like “Appearance and Personalization” in Control Panel but “There is no result”. It will automatically open this link. What should I do? The Saleman just installed Win 7 for me today.

  9. ram says:

    i have only appearance in control panel but no appearance and personalization option in my windows 7 OS what can i do for that

  10. Dean Galloway says:

    About your request for desktop background sites… http://www.desktoppictures.com/ has lots of very high-resolution images (beautiful Florida beaches, scenic pictures, abstract photos…) to fit even the biggest screens, and with new Windows 7 features, even the 3600×2400 (the biggest print resolution offered) could be sized to look good on screens bigger than 2560×1600 (the biggest wallpaper resolution offered). The new options make it unnecessary to match your screen resolution exactly, because you can essentially crop, reformat and resize (with excellent built-in photo resampling software) using just the desktop background control panel settings.

  11. Abdur Rehman says:

    Thanks especially for interval slideshow changing tips

  12. danpbphoto says:

    Can no longer change size of desktop theme to “Center” Stays full screen no matter what I do! Have made sure theme is Saved, Command Prompt shows line code to indicate CENTER but it will not.

  13. Sally says:

    I have a folder on an SD card called Pictures and have selected this for my desktop slideshow – but it does not work. I have to put some pictures on the C drive to make it work

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