11 Comments to How to customize the Command Prompt (cmd) in Windows 10

  1. Anonymous says:

    why do you guys have to make things so complicated? I think it’s all project overkill. For pete’s sake, wang had the same font, color, etc. options and the user didn’t have to go through a maze to get there. Too many steps. P.S. I doubt if any of you are old enough to even remember some of the earlier programs. Believe me they had their advantages. Highlighting, moving, coping, deleting, searches, inserts, alot of stuff was so much simpler. Also, what about keyboard commands? Keyboard commands are much more conducive to speed. Mousing all the time interrupts flow

    In order to close on a positive note I have to tell you I am extremely inexperienced and nothing is as easy in person as it looks on TV but I’m not giving up even though it took 3 days to install windows 7 and the help of a geek squad tech to install bluetooth. the directions for the installation of this stuff should be printed clearly with footnotes on what do do if the computer doesn’t come up with the same screen as the directions say. For example, the bluetooth manual actually left out a step and the fix was something no novice could have figured out. Thank God for the geek squad.

    1. Jim says:

      You sound like a f**** plum.

    2. Steve Wells says:

      To whom is Anonamous complaining and about what? The author of the article did a fine job of explaining the console settings. From someone stuck back in the 70’s on Wang Systems and inexperienced with Windows 7, we see obnoxious blather in proportion to commenter ignorance. Anonymous can run Windows without a mouse if it’s so interruptive.

    3. Eman 'Ym says:


  2. Hameed says:

    Thank you very much, Everything is so precisely written. Awesome job done. I have read all command promt related articles….

  3. Noden says:

    Nicely explained, love it and thanks! 🙂 Happy Camper!

  4. Sajid says:

    Is there a way to set the defaults for all the new command prompts.
    This excellant article does show us how to set properties that will be used for subsequent invocation of the same command prompt (based on the name of the command prompt).

    1. vlade says:

      IMHO the setting are belongs to specific profile.
      For instance if you set one settings on user account and different on administrator account they will look different in each one.
      As long as you configured and save settings all consequent windows for the same account should open the same.

  5. deagle911 says:

    any way to add an opening message to windows command prompt like linux can display????

  6. vlade says:

    I found that if I setup background to light gray and text to black it’s much easier to read.

  7. Vicky says:

    thank you 🙂

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