2 Comments to How to change the Microsoft Edge download location

  1. Francesco says:

    I’m italian, so please excuse me if I don’t speak English very well. I can’t find anymore the “save as” function that allowed me to choose the location in which I want to save each file I download (Version 90.0.818.46 (Build ufficiale) (64 bit)).
    I am a developer, and each file I download is meant to be in its correct folder, and I can’t loose my time changing the location for each one of them.
    If this feature (“Always ask where to download this file”) is no more available I will be forced to dismiss Edge to use Firefox, that allows me to choose.
    Hope you will find it worth to fix, thanks.

  2. Ralph says:

    The Downloads process is now DIFFERENT. It is in the top right and it DOES NOT ask you to choose a folder. It is stuck with the default that you can set. But that is NOT how I like to work.

    BAD MOVE M$!!!!!

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