9 Comments to How to change the PowerPoint Slide Size: All you need to know

  1. Jeff Holden says:

    I do not like having to change the slide size every time I use PowerPoint. Wuld not it gfar more sensibe to allow users to select the default slide size in the PowerPoint OPTIONS screen?

  2. Aiswarya krishnadas says:

    How to make these changes in a powerpoint for androids.
    In mobile app slide setting option is not found.
    How to set 19:6 ratio in mobile ppt app

  3. Randin Dragonheart says:

    Your description makes it sounds like you can have different size slides in one presentation, but just an FYI that is not the case. You don’t have to select all slides to change their size because they all are the same size.

  4. Jens Reiermann says:

    Each time, I start my Powerpoint I have to change the size of the slide to A4. How do I install A4 as the standard?

  5. Rosie says:

    Grateful for advice on how to make adjustments – nightmare for presentation in school when only part of the screen could be seen.

  6. Susanne says:

    Excellent advice, thank you

  7. Gijs says:

    Not true, this changes all slides, not a single or just the selected slides.

  8. RayKay says:

    Incorrect. No need to select any slide because once you change the Slide Size it affects ALL slides (and slide masters) in your document.
    I would highly recommend keeping a copy of PowerPoint 2010, purely for changing slide sizes – it automatically resizes all objects from 4:3 to 16:9 and back again, instantly. This feature was taken away and replaced with a rather useless version in PowerPoint 2013 onwards. Seriously, what were Microsoft thinking?!?!

  9. John A C Beattie says:

    When selecting slide size, why does size A3 have the correct size in its name but PowerPoint shows a different size for width and height? Which is right?

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