10 replies on How to add or remove Windows 10 features or components

  1. Scott says:

    Cool article. Informative. Didn’t know these feature even existed.

  2. OberstDanjeje says:

    Would be nice to know what most of the Features are.

  3. OberstDanjeje says:

    Great, thanks

  4. Tammie Duchmann says:

    Thank You, so kindly. I needed help and you were right here on the internet. I wished it was this, A the time.

  5. Natxo says:

    These don’t remove features, only disable them (continue on hard disk with occuped space)

  6. Ron MVP says:

    This article describes 3 ways of uninstalling, including using PowerShell (helpful if you need to do multiple machines).

  7. Geoff says:

    I am a retired systems developer. I use my laptop for mail, web browsing including social media, photograhy programs and Office systems for domestic and business use. I have good onffline and cloud-based backup facilities, and Dropbox for commnications. I don’t want Games or other trivia. I don’t want to be forced into signing up to all sorts of support or other cloud-based resources. I don’t want the computer making lifestyle decisions for me or suggesting things that are ‘trendng’. I don’t need it to speak to me and I don’t want to give it voice commands (although I know there are benefits in these areas for handicapped users).
    I need Windows 10 for security and future compatibility, but I dont want all of the extras that Microsoft has loaded into it that soak up all the machine’s resources. I appreciate that I am of the ‘old school’ rather than part of the modern profile of trendy users, but I want a simple configuration without the bells and whistles to achieve straightforward tasks . Is there any way of achieving this?

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