5 replies on How to add a Microsoft account to Windows 10

  1. Ron says:

    Trying to get one drive set up on machines with local account and not wanting to screw something up and lock myself out of both machines.

  2. Anssary says:

    Really I prefer to work offline to much procedures include pass ward, user name ant etc. Only I need to get the advantages of last office version especially OneDrive storage. You can see how do many times Microsoft change office name office 365 is now Microsoft 365 family. Don’t stop your innovation but make it easer for user. Only IT specialist would response your rapid change roles and versions really not all of them know easily what happen. If you don’t think to have a simple way to define the products it will be the point of flip. Conclusion, You are concerning to protect your product without attention to how public, student and some professionals use it. Don’t expect that internet speed is reasonable in all places.

  3. lumbrjak - says:

    step 2 would be Go to “ACCOUNTS”. It is baffling why you would put the title of step two as, Go to “Family & other people”, when you don’t see that until you’ve clicked on “Accounts.” Instructions should be written in the order of operations. Silly, that’s just the way I do things. I put on my shoes THEN I tie them.

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