4 Comments to How to Add, Change or Remove VPN Connections in Windows 8.1

  1. SimonG says:

    A couple of questions:

    1) How do you tell if the VPN is connected or not? In the Networks there is no indication, like there is for a wireless network, and you can’t right-click to view the properties.

    2) How do you disconnect a VPN once it’s connected? The VPN connection in the Networks pane still only has a Connect button, with no Disconnect button, even though if I go into the Network and Sharing Center and click on the VPN connection, it tells me the Media State is Connected.

    Obviously I can use the Network and Sharing Center to view the state of the VPN connection and disconnect it. However, it seems awfully long-winded compared to Windows 7, where I could save a shortcut to a VPN connection on my desktop, and right click on the shortcut to view the connection state and disconnect it.

  2. truls says:

    It just says that the remote connection was not made… what to do?

  3. kalyan says:

    i am not able to remove or delete a VPN connection as mentioned above when i click on remove i dosenot do anything.

  4. darren says:

    I changed my server settings through unlocater.com. How do i go back to my original location in the uk. I need to access my nfl gamepass.

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