18 replies on How to free up wasted space with Disk Cleanup, in Windows

  1. Ravi Gupta says:

    Please improve the quality of screenshots. These look awful.

  2. Ravi Gupta says:

    Well, for those who still don’t get what I am pointing to, here are a few links –

    Looks like this site has made my expectations go up too much.

    • Ciprian says:

      It’s just that the screenshots are not rounded and on another one you don’t like the aero theme used by the computer where the screenshots were taken. You are a bit tough on us. 🙂
      However, will try to please in future articles.

  3. Corrine says:

    Another excellent use for the Disk cleanup utility is in the unfortunate case of a malware infection. After cleaning the computer, create a fresh restore point. Then use Disk Cleanup to “remove all restore points except the most recent one.”

    This results in having a restore point should something go wrong during the cleanup but eliminating the possibility of restoring an infected point after the malware has been removed. (The same applies for Windows XP and Windows Vista.)

    As to the images, Ciprian, they are just fine. The object is not a “fashion show” but great tutorials, which you and the other folks here at 7 Tutorials continue to provide.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Alekz says:

    Great article! I just freed up 12 GB on temp files and memory dumps, and 32 GB (seriously, WTF!?) on Restore points! A total of 44 GB free! 🙂

    • Ciprian says:

      Awesome indeed. Was surprised as well to see how useful this tool can be.
      Freeing up a few GB in one go, is really great.

  5. Adrian Kentleton says:

    The screenshots are fine!
    However, when I run cleanmgr.exe (from an ‘Administrator’ account, on Win 7 Home Premium) I do not get a ‘Clean up system files’ option.

  6. anand says:

    it is safe to delete per used archived windows error report files, per used queued windows error report file, system archived windows error report files and system queued windows error report files.

  7. anand says:

    in disk clean up tool

  8. ITGuru says:

    I use restore utilities (Deep Freeze, Reboot Restore Rx, etc) on many of our public access PC’s as it’s easier than running a script, but even for for my own personal use, I’ll use a backup and restore utility (i.e. AX64, Rollback Rx, Comodo Time Machine) and I find you can do a quick restore that way too. Usually if configured properly these programs will wipe a bunch of junk off your machine.

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