13 replies on 5 ways to find the exact version of Microsoft Office that you are using

  1. Ron S MVP says:

    Yes knowing what version of Office a person is using is important to being able to provide specific feature instructions and / or trouble shooting. But now the build number is becoming just as important. That means going beyond simple 2016 or Version 16. In the Help / About or Account commands you need to capture and report the full thing ie
    V14.0.7184.5000 (32 bit).

    Reporting Version and Build numbers is also important for Windows 10 trouble shooting. The simplest way to get it I know of is to use the RUN dialog to run the ‘winver’ command. There are other places it is displayed that take more effort to reach.

    There is one more source you can use. It is a tool called ROIScan from MS. It reports the full version and build information for Office and Windows


  2. kajmeister says:

    This will be helpful FOREVER!!! It’s already helpful six months after you posted it. Thank you thank you!

  3. AnaC says:

    Amazing work.

  4. Brenza says:

    Version 9 has been used for Office on Mac

  5. no need says:

    How to tell if it is Office 2019? Thank you

  6. Angelo says:

    Excellent work DC. Very helpful, written very well! Thanks.

  7. Helen of Try says:

    Is this article some sort of a joke? Extremely long and complex ways just to tell “which version”???? (Several that don’t work at all.)

    Method #1 is only shown for 0.0001 secs.

    Method #2 tells you to look for all the MANY installs you have… and randomly pick one. One-click, the 365, the trial bloatware, etc.

    Method #3, tells you which of SEVERAL versions you might have. Ugh.

    Method #4, says to check “help” or “about”, neither can be used with many versions of Office.

    Method #5, says to use the registry editor. You’ve GOT to be kidding us.

  8. sunny says:

    How to copy detail of Version including Build Number? This should be ez (instead of typing all this info) when asking for support. If there is such shortcut, TQ Ahead!

  9. sunny says:

    W/o admin right, is there shortcut to find Office Version Info i/c Build ? Powershell method shown here seems wrong when it returns 16 for Excel 365 Pro Enterprise subscription.
    I wish not having to copy from About Excel every time I ask for support when there is no notification when Office gets updated.

  10. sunny says:

    Hope this Powershell script helps

    $procName = ‘excel’
    $e = Get-Process “$($procName.Substring(0, $procName.length-1))[$($procName[-1])]”
    $e | Get-Member
    $e | Format-List -Property ProductVersion

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