7 replies on Encrypt a USB drive with BitLocker To Go in Windows 10

  1. mystery says:

    1) Can you unencrypt the encrypted memory stick on a machine that isn’t running Windows 7?

    2) Will you be able to decrypt the file on a Linux computer?

    2)Do you need admin rights to be able to decrypt this file? For example, could you get access to the encrypted data at a cyber cafe?

    • Bob Kingsley says:

      1) Microsoft installs a BitLocker To Go reader on the encrypted drive that allows you to enter a password to view the encrypted data on any Windows operating system.
      2) BitLocker encrypted drives are not compatible with Linux. If you need to encrypt a drive that for use in a mixed environment, consider TrueCrypt, which is free and supports Windows, Mac and Linux.
      3) You do not need admin rights to unlock a BitLocker encrypted drive. You just need to know the password set up when the drive was encrypted.

    • gfhuyaa says:

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  2. Paulo says:

    Thanks for the information. I’m still not using bitlocker until after i find out if it will consume some memory space on my flash drive. Will it or won’t it?

  3. Bob Kingsley says:

    Hello Paulo,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Windows requires that you have 64 MB of space available on the USB drive in order to encrypt it using BitLocker. A small application called the BitLocker Reader will need to be installed on the drive in order to read it from computers that aren’t running Windows 7 or 8 Enterprise Editions. If you have any other questions, let me know.

  4. Euridah Bindabinda says:

    What happens when one has forgotten the password

  5. Sharon Mayfield says:

    Bitblocker manager does not see my thumb drives. Not happy

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