2 replies on How to enable or disable the Light Mode in Windows 10

  1. Robert Larriva says:

    Although a few people may like the light mode, for me it’s terrible! It makes it very difficult to read anything on the taskbar. It actually looks like some kind of glitch in Windows. When my interface switched to light mode when I changed themes I was at first concerned that I’d gotten a virus that was messing up my display. Is there some way to CHANGE THE SETTINGS so it doesn’t automatically go to light mode when changing a theme!!!! It is an irritating time waster!!!

  2. theohall says:

    Please quit changing the color settings from light to dark without my input. It’s seriously annoying having to reset things after Windows Updates that I don’t want changed!!!! Or at least provide an option that lets us choose our default color that won’t be changed when an update is pushed through.

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