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  1. Steven says:

    F*** that s***. I’m a fan of Steve Jobs and Apple and I refuse to recommend people to buy that piece of s***. Change your verdict. It’s an insult even to Apple/Jobs fans. To be honest, this blog post doesn’t do enough to rip that mother ****** apart for writing such a piece of s*** book.

    A dumbass with down syndrome could have written 99.9% of that book without ever having talked to Jobs or his colleagues and friends. So much of that book was rehashed from public information, it’s insulting. Even several of the s*** quoted in the book were already public info else where, including lines ripped from his Stanford commencement speech. WTF did that moron do during the f****** 2-year period he had with Jobs?!

    I get that there are a LOTS of people who don’t know the back story of Jobs or his work and that it must be told. I’m not against that. What I have problems with is over emphasis and repetition on dumb unnecessary details that no one gives a s*** about and practically nothing in regards to the areas where people want to know more. There was hardly any details about Jobs personal life including friends outside of work over the years, his family, etc… Except for early life details. Details at Apple were extremely vague and almost felt fast forwarded. In other words, the start of the book was agonizingly slow and the end of the book felt like no details were there at all.

    The book is an epic insult and the writer can’t write worth s***. As an avid reader, I have to say he’s one of the worse writers I’ve come across. Mother f***** should burn in hell.

  2. SimplyChuck says:

    I’ve been listening to this book (on my 7 year old Sansa player that works just great thank you) and have been entertained and educated. Sure, there are several repetitive moments and times when I rolled my eyes at the image the author painted of Jobs but all in all I’m satisfied.

    I must admit I almost stopped listening about a quarter way through because Jobs was such a jerk. I simply wasn’t sure I wanted to know anything more about his awful character. That said, I’m glad I’ve continued and do love how Gates repeatedly responded to him. 😉

    I’m going to include a link to the audible.com listener reviews. I’d really hate for anyone reading the first comment here to think it speaks for the masses. It does not.


  3. Michael L says:

    The telling part for me is when the mac was marketed 30 % of the buyers had never bought a computer before. Many of the readers will not be all that high techy (like me for example )and this is a good place to start on the big revolution in the last 20 years.Jobs gave access and gave up control of this content possibly for the first time in his life. But he allowed a rounded imperfect story of his life to make it to market in time for Xmas buying ,the #1 book, and even selected the cover photo. I finished it 2 weeks ago and still have food for thought. It could have a run a few more edits and Jobs style tweaking but its time to let go. Oh Wow. good read. I have never bought an apple product but I benefit from
    the ass kicking he did to the industry

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Indeed. We all benefit from the competition Apple represented to the rest of the industry.

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