2 replies on The 4 best search engines for children

  1. Phoebe Eliasen says:

    Hi there, I am doing a school project on kid friendly search engines, I have one question that I have been trying to find the answer to but seemingly I have found myself not being able to find the answer throughout a whole week. My question is “what year was kidtopia made?” I have found the answer to all my questions but this one. If you or someone else could help me with this question and find an answer for me that would be delightful.

    Many thanks
    Phoebe Eliasen

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure, as there is no information about that on the website itself. However, when running a whois search, it looks like the domain was registered on 11.16.2010, so that’s probably the first time it went online.

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