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  1. Rich Doug says:

    Useful. Thank you so much for sharing us these free alternatives to Windows DVD Maker. It’s really a headache problem about how to copy or burn a DVD in Windows 10 now. I have been using WinX DVD Copy Pro to copy and burn my favorite movie DVD discs until now and it also works well all the time.

    • JacksontTom says:

      Digiber blu-ray creator is the most used. both BD and DVD disc burning supported.

      • Codrut Neagu says:

        Unfortunately, both WinX DVD Copy Pro and Digiber Blu-ray/DVD Creator are paid software.

  2. Mahlon Wagner says:

    I need some help. I have “avi” files that I want to burn to a DVD and then play them on a DVD player connected to the TV. I am assuming I should use NTSC and not PAL file format. ANy help would be most appreciated. Dog gone, Windows 7 DVD maker was so great.

    • Codrut Neagu says:

      It depends on where you live. In the USA, you should probably go with NTSC, while in Europe for instance, you should go with PAL.

  3. Clarke says:

    One thing DVD Styler does not do well is convert 24fps to 30fps. Motion will appear “jerky”.

  4. Roger J. Seacrest says:

    I just spent 14 hours testing all three of these that you mentioned. While the built-in Windows DVD Maker was VERY limited in what it offered, at least it performed well. You didn’t get a lot of choices, but at least it worked! And the final product was good enough quality to get by for most needs. The three “alternatives” you just suggested are HORRIBLE!

    DVD Styler has (by far) the best options and interface of these, and the most amazing status updates I have EVER seen in a freeware offering. But the final product is unacceptably degraded and for some odd reason, even though I had not changed ANY settings, 2 of the 5 ISO’s I created did not work. 3 of them worked fine, with the EXACT SAME settings applied. Buggy Piece of garbage!

    DVD Flick had no bad burns out of 4 tests, but OMG this is the most basic, most UGLY, most “Windows 95” looking menus and options I have seen since….well, since I was using an old Yamaha CD-Burner and Windows 95 to make VCD’s about 19 years ago (if you don’t know what a VCD is, then go ask your grandpa or look it up on Wikipedia). Although all 4 tests with DVD Flick were successful, there’s no way I could EVER use one of these for work, or to give to a client.

    Freemake is the least horrible on the list, but with all the crap that it installs with every update (even if you uncheck EVERY damn box) I get annoyed with this product FAST. Yes, it is true that you can easily remove any stow-away apps that come with each update, and yes it is also true that getting “Malware” every time, really is (mostly) a thing of the past. Freemake cleaned up their act a bit, and at least they don’t add-on spybots, adbots, browser hijackers, and trojans anymore….but they still offer very little functionality unless you go with their paid version, and they still keep sneaking crap onto my machine even after I said NO every time.

    So here’s my CRAZY idea for a great alternative to Windows DVD Maker…….get SOME bastard at Microsoft to update Windows DVD Maker so it works like the good old days or pony up the big bucks for Sony Vegas and DVD Architect.

    P.S. For all you fan-boys who love any of the 3 products I just trashed, don’t even START with that AOL-Style Bull$h1t about how the problem must have been something wrong with MY machine. I got my BA in Computer Science in 2001 and even long before that I’ve been working on these little monsters, going all the way back to the Apple, Apple II, and Commodore 64 days in the early 80’s —– so any fan-boys can blow it out your ignorant millennial a$$’es. I’ve more than earned ANY opinions I have, no matter how much it might hurt your little feelings.

    • Codrut Neagu says:

      Hi, we’ve added two more recommendations to the list. Maybe you’ll like one of them. We liked Windows DVD Maker better too, but seeing that it’s out of the picture for now, these are the best free alternatives we found. If you know of others that are better, don’t hesitate to let us know. And thanks for reading us by the way! 🙂

  5. jerry1edison says:

    I know Windows 10 got rid of the ability to play DVD’s so that is probably why you are missing the codec. I found this authoring software – UFUShare DVD Creator for Windows 10. It is helpful for me, I am not sure if it meets your needs though.

  6. Matthew W. I. Dunn says:

    Just so people know: Freemake now superimposes a watermark over the video. It’s not there always; it will appear every 10-15 minutes or so. But, when it does so, a “FREEMAKE” watermark will appear across the whole center of the image or video.

    This is the last straw for me, so that I’m moving on from it.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Ray says:

      Yes, I thoroughly agree about the “latest” Freemake. They seem to gradually be doing away with all the previous functions- note, that now they have even stopped the option to cut a video unless you upgrade to their “King” level or something! That lousy new watermark appeared every 3 minutes on my DVD. Freemake used to be the easiest, quickest and most reliable option to convert and burn files to DVD- now it`s like some grotty Trialware.

  7. Linda Rooney says:

    Personally, Freemake is the best option. It’s full-featured and also supports to convert videos files. Btw, if anyone needs a good video downloader& converter, free hd video converter factory is worth a try.

  8. Michelle McCown says:

    Does anyone use AnyBurn? I always use it to burn DVDs pretty easy to use. By the way, I installed WinX DVD Copy Pro but the home screen prompts me to buy license code so it’s not free. Finally I turn to WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy.

  9. william wilson says:

    i used Freemake countless times, and found them to be fantastic in quality, and equally unbeatable in speed, but unfort. their newest edition not only puts a watermark on the end product, it is a massive word right through the middle of the screen, making the video useless, so am disappointed by that, but grateful for all the time they were genuinely free

  10. Barbara says:

    Freemake used to be an excellent video tool. However, it truly is a misleading name for this app now If you do not purchase a license, there will be a watermark across your entire video. Not at all attractive or desirable. I would not recommend this at all.

  11. Burner says:

    WinX only uses 4.3 gig of the 4.7 gig DVD disc. I have to degrade the videos to put 5 30min camcorder originals on 1 DVD.
    I changed to the old SoThink, works better with multiple videos although it seems slow it makes a good DVD.

  12. SKF says:

    Freemake continues to decline. If you want to author a DVD, you get a watermark all over your video–unless you pay. Does not deserve to be on the list.

  13. NameRay says:

    I have also tried “DVD Styler” on several occasions. But more often than not- after going through the lengthy converting process, it suddenly stops with an error message in red because of a “broken pipe” (what`s it made of, clay?) or some such gobbledegook. Pretty awful. At least WinXDVD usually works okay.

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