5 replies on The Benefits & Pitfalls Of Logging Your Food Intake

  1. Jan Steinman says:

    Good job!

    But now you need to run an FFT on the data to see if you periodically cheated by eating certain foods, right? I mean, what else would a software engineer do with all that data? 🙂

    • Andrei-Adnan Ismail says:

      Hey Jan!

      I’m actually trying to tweak my own diet so that I gradually evolve towards a much healthier and easier-to-cook diet with that data 🙂

      On top of that, I am trying to help other people solve the same problem with my project http://www.ProgrammerFitness.com.

  2. Elena Pascanu says:

    Oh dear god… the weigh-in during Phys-ed classes in Highschool – hated it hated it hated it! Awesome progress Andrei!! Well done! My Fitness pal and the fitbit flex are my best friends right now.

    • Andrei-Adnan Ismail says:

      Thanks 🙂 Glad to see I wasn’t alone with the weigh-ins. What do you think about the Flex’s sleep monitoring? Do you use it in any way?

      • Elena Pascanu says:

        I don’t really care too much about the sleep monitoring. I have noticed though that the more I drop weight the better I sleep. With a little kid, sleep time is limited as is, though is much better quality now.

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