5 Comments to 9 Features that make Microsoft Edge a better web browser than others

  1. Justin says:

    Unfortunately this information can’t be saved with the images since “lazyload” is being used in the html code. Worthless to me!

    • Codrut Neagu says:

      Did you try the print-friendly version? There's a printer button on the top right side of the article, next to the Share buttons.

  2. Billy Guthrie says:

    has problems going back a page, has problem where it won’t refresh only the tab you want refresh instead refresh’s all tabs, has a problem with sending messages while on other apps, it takes a good 15 to 30 sec’s to even acknowledge what you have typed let alone entering it into the comment space of your message window!

  3. vmoses77 says:

    I have been accessing all the procedures of digital marketing through the social media, I am using the Internet Explorer browser for my activities which is one of the top inbuilt browsers, I used this browser on my AOL laptop, AOL tech Support
    gave me all the requirements to use the internet explorer properly.

  4. Charlie Howell says:

    Too bad that create a shortcut is missing

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