5 replies on 5 ways to rename any drive in Windows 10

  1. Brandon C says:

    Hello, I modified my flash drive to my company’s logo, and the name was wrong, so instead of going through the notepad document I had within the drive itself, I renamed it from the file explorer by right clicking the drive and going to properties, where I renamed it to what I wanted. Now the drive is back to original icon and won’t let me change it back to the company icon. Any ideas on why this is happening?

  2. Zelalem Belay says:

    How to change the drive letter to D?

  3. Joseph PHILIPPA says:

    I have been puzzling about the varied responses to attempts to rename partitions, be they entire disks (devices) or a number of them on one ‘disk’. I got a little insight from “If the drive you want to rename contains system files, Windows will ask you to provide administrator permission in order for the new name to be set.” but am not convinced that is the only ‘condition’ for being asked permission. I would love to know the full story on this, especially how to avoid that intrusive querying.

  4. Bernie Amler says:

    None of the methods work for DVD Drives.
    Is there a method for renaming a DVD Drive?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      DVD or Blu-Ray drives can’t be renamed (I mean the drives themselves, not the discs you place inside those drives).

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