5 replies on 9 Reasons Why The OneDrive Website Is Awesome

  1. matzipan says:

    Why are you acting as this is new? Google Docs has had this since forever?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Google has had what since forever? Can you please be more specific?

      • Sourav says:

        Google Drive. Of course the UI for SkyDrive is much better compared to Google Drive. Moreover SkyDrive gives you 5 times more space compared to Google Drive!

  2. john3347 says:

    SkyDrive is becoming much like other previously wonderful applications. The more features included in an application, the less well any of the features are executed and the more complicated the application is to use. SkyDrive is becoming “overcrowded” and is not nearly as wonderful a program as it was when it was a couple of years ago. It has become so complicated that it is only for geeks and Microsoft does not realize that the far biggest proportion of their customers are well below geek level. SkyDrive is just one more application that has abandoned their largest segment of users.

  3. Y_Valdez says:

    I agree that the OneDrive is the best resource for a live collaborative platform.

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