Cooking for Geeks, Second Edition
I’ve been aware pretty much from the beginning that my mind does not work like other people’s. But, like other people, I can learn almost anything, if it is explained to me in a way that makes sense. This is why I so often gripe about the constant complaints that older people “just don’t get it,” wh...
Home Automation for Dummies
Home automation has come a long way from the days when all that was available were manual timers that might or might not have offered anything more than the ability to turn a lamp or appliance On and Off at one set time, or the X-10 modules and controllers that drove almost everybody nuts trying to...
Book Review
Sometimes the best way to make a complex subject easy to understand is to use a comic-book format (as anyone who's ever seen one of Larry Gonick's amazing "cartoon history" series can testify). Things that look awfully dry and confusing when they're put forth as words on paper can look much more app...
Have you ever tried to explain something to someone and completely failed to get your point across? Have you tried to simplify a complicated concept for someone else and gotten nowhere? Supercommunicator's subtitle is "Explaining the complicated so anyone can understand." Since I'm like many people...
When I was young, information on how to pick locks was not easy to come by. Nowadays, of course, you can find instructions all over the internet and a wealth of YouTube videos showing you what to do in great detail. With all that information available for free, is it worth buying a book on the subje...
It used to be that team collaboration on documents was time-consuming and tedious. One person would write a draft, give the draft to someone else to make changes, re-read the changes and decide whether to accept them, hand the document to someone else to edit, and so on. Nowadays sharing documents i...
Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Steps
We recently received a copy of Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Steps and I decided to take on the challenge of reviewing it, mainly for two reasons. The first one is that I have never reviewed a book before and I saw it as a great exercise in this direction. The second reason is the fact that this book...
Last year, I reviewed Tony Northrup's Windows 8 Inside Out and found that it was an excellent reference that did a fine job of explaining the then-new interface of Windows 8, so that it was easy for newcomers to understand. Now there's a new edition that covers Windows 8.1. Is the approach different...
I have long been a fan of David Pogue's books. He's one of an elite group of tech writers who can take a complex subject, explain it so that nearly anyone can understand, and be entertaining in the process. He's written some of the best books in the Missing Manual series, and this time he's tackled...
Although I've been using Audacity for a couple years now with no problems, I know there are plenty of features I have never explored, and I was eager to expand my skills. That's why I was happy to get my hands on The Book of Audacity, a book by Carla Schroder. Did this book do the job? Let's take a...
When I reviewed the first edition of this book - Windows 8 Step By Step - I said that it was "the kind of book to keep handy by your computer for reference, because it will give you confidence that you can do everything right. It's a winner!" Other sites, including Amazon, where reviewers are notor...
One of the Missing Manuals series of books' greatest strong points is that they explain pretty much everything about their subjects. Their slogan is "The book that should have been in the box," and that's accurate. Most of these books are excellent references for their subjects, written by people wh...