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  1. Inserting Photos? says:

    I am trying to insert some photos
    early on in my timeline, after I have made a number of sound/text/video edits later on in the movie.
    However, when I insert the photos, the sound and text does not move,
    and as a result, all my hard work syncing the sound/text to photos is for not.

    Is there a way to insert photos without messing up the sound/text edits that come after?


    • Jack B says:

      Hi – I will look into this. Granted, WLMM isn’t designed for precise editing with orchestrated audio tracks (remember: you can’t even add a volume pan).

      I too have been frustrated by this, so I usually plan my workflow based on WLMM’s limitations. Namely, I add all photos and videos and transitions and title clips BEFORE adding audio. I know it’s not always that easy, but knowing the quirks ahead of time can help you avoid issues

      I will look into some better solutions this week

  2. Shay says:

    I have a question. First time importing video and photos through this program, I’m wondering if they are still private and stores only on computer and not visible through windows live. ? I am not sure if it’s the same privacy only being uploaded onto your computer like using photo gallery, or media center. I was having trouble with the other programs uploading video off my iPhone, photos uploaded easy with no trouble, but videos did not. I was just worried using this program being that it’s “windows live” I wasn’t sure if it published videos and or photos on the Internet. Can anyone help me with a answer to this.
    Thank you in advance,

  3. Shay says:

    Oh no! And now that I’ve uploaded video I can not find it anywhere on my computer… ): where did it import to? Please help

  4. TM says:

    I imported a video of my grandson and everything went fine until I went to play it back, there was no sound. If I add a song that plays just fine, but the sound on the video will not play.

  5. sarah says:

    Is there a way I can put a photo in over the video and keep the audio of the video going at the same time? I saw that it was possible in previous versions of windows movie maker, but I cant seem to figure it out in the 2011 version…

  6. Keven says:

    Is there anyway to remove the black border for pictures imported into movie maker or change the color to something else. I have tried switching the aspect ratio between widescreen and standard and that doesn’t work. These are older pictures that were not taken with a digital camera.

  7. ALAN K BUTTLE says:


    • Terry Lynn says:

      I have the same thing going on. Does anyone know why the photos or video will drop into the play list but all you have in the window is a black screen?

  8. Gill H says:

    When using Windows Live Movie Maker and importing clips taken on my video camera, I sometimes get black bars at the side of the screen. The clips are all filmed on the same camera, using the same ratio, within minutes of each other. As individual clips they play in the correct ratio, but when inserted into a video using WLMM software one clip out of maybe 30 will playback in the wrong ratio. I have tried removing the clip and reinserting it to no avail. When the original clip is viewed in isolation it is still the correct ratio. What a mystery? Any help please?

  9. Cj Anderson says:

    I am experiencing the same issue TM posted on 01/29/2012

    I import a video of my granddaughters and the picture portion of the video comes through just fine; however, there is no sound. My video clip is a .3gp format, which the Windows Live Movie Maker website states is a file format the program / application recognizes. Not sure I will hear back from anyone though. There has been only one reply among a list of several questions, and that reply was over a year ago on 3/27/2011. ? ? Is anyone home?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I think the best solution is for you to convert this video to another format. Windows Live Movie Make doesn’t work that well with some formats like 3gp.
      A conversion to .wmv might help eliminate the problem.

  10. Errol says:

    How do I insert foreign language letters into my title pages in Windows Live Movie Maker projects? For example how do I obtain the Danish “o” with the “/” through it? Any help appreciated.

  11. carmen says:

    I want to merge two projects in process, but only one will show on the story/time board at a time. Is there a way to merge two different projects?

  12. Christa says:

    When I add pictures they show on the timeline but they don’t show when I want to preview the slideshow. If I save the slideshow to my computer it will play but I can’t make edits without having to save it, then open that and watch it and then go back to movie maker to adjust..It plays audio fine but it won’t even play a title slide I created.

  13. Dorit Harel says:

    is there a way to go back to my movie project after i have saved it? i need to make some changes….

  14. Lisa says:

    When I add the videos to movie maker from my computer I am unable to hear the audio when I play it back? Any ideas? The audio works before I transfer to movie maker.

  15. clipsaoyai says:

    Thank you very much, I like

  16. Taylorkeaton says:

    Every time I try to play back my slides, it just plays black. Even when I have slides in the time line with audio, it plays the music, just not the slides. I’m losing my mind a bit. Help asap?! This needs to be done quickly.

  17. a Sinnamon says:

    I am having the exact same problem Taylorkeaton. I cannot figure it out. When I save my work, the audio is there but it is a black screen. . .no video.

  18. Mick says:

    Only a few seconds of my video is being added to the project. How can I get the complete video to upload?

  19. mitch says:

    my clip is unable to play like its just stationary and just that pic of the thumbnail but theres audio from the clip. how do i solve this pls help

  20. Ricks says:

    Ive finish my projects..but when I tried to save it..ive waited for hours but still the save page wont budge from 0%..can somebody help me here..its my son’s birthday coming soon

  21. Helen says:

    Is it possible to restore some photos back to gallery once they are in movie maker xx

  22. Bunjy says:

    I’ve added pics from my photo gallery to movie maker which was fairly easy. I then imported pics from my mobile onto my laptop, saved them in a file abd tried adding them to movie maker also. For some unknown reason it won’t allow me to. A message pops up saying save to hard drive first, but they’re already on the hard drive I assumed. Help!

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