Windows Phone: How to edit the text reply messages for when you reject someone's call

Don’t you hate when someone calls and you need to reject their call without being able to text them back? Surely, you had a good reason to do it, maybe you were busy or you couldn’t use the phone at that moment, but still, you might seem rude to the people whose calls you are rejecting. Luckily, Windows Phone allows you to quickly send standardized text replies when you need to reject someone’s call. Also, you have the opportunity to personalize these text replies to fit your context. In this article we will show how to reply with a standard text message when you reject someone’s call and also how to edit these text replies. Let’s get started:

How to reply with a text message when you reject someone’s call in Windows Phone

When someone is calling you, but you can’t talk to them, you can reply with a text message. You can use a series of preformed messages if you’re in a hurry or you can type a new text. Let’s suppose you receive a call and you can’t answer. Press the text reply button to continue.

A list with standard texts will appear. You can tap any of them and it will be automatically sent. If you don’t think any of the preformed messages work for you, you can tap “ type a message…” to create a new one.

Next, you can type the new message and press send when you’re done.

It’s possible that the text reply button may not appear when someone is calling you . In this case you won’t be able to reply with a text when you reject someone’s call. This could be because the Text reply feature isn’t turned on or because they’re using a landline and they don’t have text services on their phone.

To solve this problem you need to turn on Text reply as shown in the following section of this article. However, for landlines, this won’t work even if you turn on this feature.

How to edit the text reply messages that are available when you reject someone’s call in Windows Phone

If you don’t think that the default text replies are appropriate when you reject someone’s call, you have the possibility to edit them and create new ones. To do that, open the Phone app found in the App List or the Start screen, if you pinned it there.

Next, press the More(...) button from the lower menu bar to expand it.

Press settings in the the menu that is shown.

In the phone settings screen, you need to turn on Text reply to be able to edit the standard text replies.

When you turn on Text reply, a new button called edit replies will appear. Press this button to continue.

Now, you have the opportunity to create four text replies. Type any reply in any of the four fields and tap done to save your messages.

Your replies will be displayed, every time you need to reply with a text when you can’t answer a phone call.


As you may have noticed, sending and editing the text replies you send when you reject someone’s call can be done quite easily. If you are busy or you can’t use your smartphone, these text replies can come in handy. For other cool tips and tricks on how to use Windows Phone, read our recommendations below.