11 Comments to Windows Media Player 12 – What’s New & How it Works?

  1. Linu George says:

    Thank you. Nice to know all this.

    1. Andy Ford says:

      WMP12 is still a nice media player… but represents an unfortunate downgrade from WMP11 because it can’t handle album art properly when playing music. The ‘view full screen’ option in ‘now playing’ actually makes the album art smaller!!! If artwork wasn’t important for music, no-one would have commissioned it for CDs or LPs. So, please Microsoft, when will this ‘undocumented feature’ be fixed?

  2. Al says:

    Window Midia Player, in the Now Playing mode, is there any way I can change the size of the Cover picture that appears there. I would like to change the picture of the album to a 500 by 500 Pixel size.

    If you can get back with me I would very much be happy. Thank You so very much.

  3. Tim Schoon says:

    I would like to have the option to view videos in WMP12 the same way I did in WMP11 – without the Now Playing Mode. I don’t like having to shift between 2 tabs to play my media. Perhaps an option can be added to let the user decide how they wish to view their media?

  4. Miguel says:

    Hello everyone,

    First i would like to congratulate for a really useful website and articles that has been brought to all around the world. =)

    Next, i would like to expose a (perhaps) slight *glitch* i seem to have encountered in Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7. Since this is a topic regarding WMP and it’s functioning, i see only fit this question be presented right here.
    The thing is simply that when i’m viewing some kind of media (file or dvd) on WMP all seems to function normally, but when i switch to fullscreen the playback controls disappear and seem to be unavailable.
    On WMP 11 they automatically hide on fullscreen playback and on mouse move they reappear. On WMP 12 they don’t reappear and they don’t hide, because the instant i switch to fullscreen they simply vanish, along with any other controls there might be.

    I already tried to check the configuration and there is in fact a an option located on the menu Tools > Options. On the Performance tab, down on DVD and video playback, there is a checkbox that reads “Show controls on fullscren” that is unchecked.
    But i already tried to check that box, apply and OK it, but it doesn’t work. When i go to re-check the box, is unchecked like before.
    (menus, tabs and other options may
    not be exactly named as i stated here, i *roughtly* translating it to english from a portuguese WMP.. hope you understand)

    Maybe WMP12 is not saving the chages on some options, could it be?
    If so, how do i get around this so i can have playback controls on fullscreen?
    Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.

    Miguel Formigo

  5. Anonymous says:

    I want to know why if this is the latest and greatest media player there is no option to see the now playing window and also be able to edit a playlist at the same time or maybe do other tasks within media player like browse the library. Play now goes in full screen and all the other options dissapear. LAME ! Microsoft please fix this thank you.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You right click the screen and click show list and your now playing list will show up.

      1. Jeske says:

        yeah ok, that works, you see the list you’re playing, but you still cannot change and organize the songs whilst playing them. That is the main reason i dislike this new player so much!

  6. ostrich says:

    the new media player is rubbish there are loads of codecs missing the list of music now playing resets itself every time the program restarts so there is no list unless manually turned on. there are also no visualizations at start-up and have to be manually set every time the program starts. this program was supposed to be simpler to use and it is definitely not. the media player library i have always found challenging and im quite experienced, it is just so complicated why cant it just show the music thats in your music file and list it clearly without a load of completely useless tabs and buttons.
    overall it is not very user friendly and is just all over the place but on the plus side it does play music at very good quality especially with the dolby digital and SRS WOW and Tru bass effects turned on.

  7. M.Crowther says:

    The one problem I have with it is the fact it seems to reset my play count every few months. Don’t do anything to the settings or anything but it’s grating, would be nice if it could stop doing every so often. Asked Microsoft but no luck. Otherwise it works fine.

  8. Sage says:

    When I search everywhere for instructions & manuals, I get brochure quality “this is what it does!” rhetoric and no actual “how to”!
    I created my own audio from scratch and cannot find HOW in all the options and guides how to get my folder that I have added to the library into a place for editing track information, to later burn onto a cd.
    I can’t even open my library-added folder into the main WMP editing window! AAHHH!!!
    In the good old days savvy instructions came with everything.
    Try hard to fill those big shoes, designers or very soon I’ll never use your software again.
    T.Y. ~an innocent bystander.

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