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  1. StevenTorrey says:

    I have this calculator pinned to my taskbar, that is how helpful I think the device is. Finding a usable calculator is no easy task. “Free Calculator” on the net seems to be an ideal place to hide a scam of some sort. Have recently attempted to download two, and they both turned out flops.

    Microsoft also has a calculaotor for $20 which does so much more. That calculator will rearrange a formula to solve for another unknown; it will show the steps used to solve a problem. It will solve and graph linear equations. And numerous other googaws for the math deficient. Simple to download, simple to operate, and at a reasonable price.

    • Ciprian says:

      Can you share the link towards the 20$ calculator application you are mentioning? Other people might find it useful.

      • StevenTorrey says:

        I regret the most I info I can get is “Microsoft Mathematics Add in (32-bit) Product Version # 2.0.040811.01 @2.86MB. It comes with a 30 day free trial, and not anticipating that I could buy it for another month or two–social security income–I deleted the links from my computer but not from the control panel.

        I’m sure if you were to Google ‘Microsfoft Calculator,’ it will pop up. I think I connected to it from the Geek website and downloaded it from there. But like I say, Google ‘microsoft calculator’ and I’m sure it will pop up. It is really a very handy calculator that goes above and beyond the free version available to all. Steven

      • StevenTorrey says:

        It is Microsoft Math 3.0–look for it under Microsoft Calculator. I would stay away from other free calculators as they seem not too function very well and the company appears to be running some type of scam. The Microsoft Calculator–Math 3.0 would be a neat gift for the high school student.

  2. Russell says:

    I absolutely hate this calculator. It has made the function I use regularly very hard which was simple before. How do I find 2^15 and then see the number in both decimal and binary format? You can’t because in scientific mode there is no binary/decimal view and in programmer mode there is to the power function. Stupid!

    • Steve says:

      The simple workaround is to use scientific mode to calculate 2^15, then MS (after of course you have cleared memory) to store the value. Then switch to programmer mode and MR to recall the saved value. Now you can switch between dec and bin (or hex, oct). Granted a little more work but useable.

      • Jack says:

        Wrong. The decimal part will simply be erased. A stored value of 10.24 for example will be released as 10.

      • Bruce says:

        Remember, do 2 power 15 in scientific mode (Alt 2) and store it in the MS (Memory Store) in scientific mode Then go to programmer mode (Alt 3) do the MR (Memory Recover or Memory Restore) and select Which base to observe the Memory recovered value in bin, oct, dec. or hex. Special note, if you copy within these quotes ——– “c 2y15=”——– or type it into a notebook page as c 2y15= and paste it into the scientific calculator , you’ll see the answer 32768 … too bad w10 (I think) takes this away from us. see my notes elsewhere about these “Copy and Paste” capabilities…

  3. Roger says:

    I have two gripes with the Microsoft calculators. None of them have multiple memories and in statistics mode you can not enter two variables so as to do a regression analysis or calculate a correlation coefficient. Two features that I use all the time.

  4. Jarkko Halme says:

    Date calculation, which was added to Microsoft’s calculator. I just wonder I added same functionality to the calculator I published into Internet December 2005. And if you compare those twos I just wonder who copied and what? Link below and check yourself:

  5. Josie says:

    I am a former vista user for years & navigating windows 8 has done my head in. The one function that isn’t present with the calculator app is the inability to open more than one calculator. This sux actually. Having to use the memory to store is just time consuming. I want to be able to click on the calc app to open another one which is more helpful to me since I’m a novice.

    • Bruce says:

      —-Multiple simultaneous instances of calculator—–
      On windows 8.1 pro, I have added calculator to the task bar at the bottom of display. To initiate your solution: hold down shift key and click on the item on the task bar. a new instance of item clicked on will initiate. If it is in “Restore” size, you can see many initiated multiple instances, click on them, copy and paste between them (Moving answers from one to another etc. very much what you are asking for. Enjoy.

      • Bruce says:

        Dunno how much of this might fit here. These are great capabilities that can be combined with each other to really enhance your Calculator.exe experience. Maybe, because Windows doesn’t talk about any of these, MAYBE THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW THEY EXHIST. Now that they do, bet on it they’ll take them away !!! most all these work in the scientific mode. ————————

        Copy and paste “c 123y3=” into calculator will produce “1860867” the cube of 123. The “c ” clears the preceeding calculations
        “y3=” Does cube of preceeding number
        “*25.4=” Converts inches to millimeters

        gives “” and “” the result
        gives “” and “” the result

        3!= gives fact(3) and 6 the result
        9@= gives sqrt(9) and 3 the result
        3#= gives cube(3) and 27 the result
        5%8=gives “5 mod 8” and “5” the result
        13%5=gives “13 mod 5” and “3” the result

        5*6= gives “5 * 6” and “30” the result
        5-3*6= gives “5 – 3 * 6” and “-13” the result
        (5-3)*6= gives “(5-3)*6” and “12” the result
        318q gives “sqr(318)” and “101124” the result
        22r= gives “reciproc(22)” and “0.045454545…5455” the result as 1/22=
        0.75it= gives “atand(0.75)” and “36.869897645844021296855612559093” the result
        36.869897645844021296855612559093t= gives “tand(36.869897645844021296855612559093)” and “0.74999999999999999999999999999999” the result
        (p/6)t gives “tanr(3.1415926535897932384626433832795/6)” and “0.57735026918962576450914878050196” the result is (180/6)=30 deg
        2y16= gives “2^16” and “65536” the result
        65536y16r= gives “65536 ^ reciproc(16)” and “2” the result
        60o gives “cosd(60)” and “0.5” the result
        60o= gives “cosd(60) ^ 0.0625” and “0.95760328069857364693630563514792” the result because “^ reciproc(16)” was left over from previous “=”
        c = 60o= gives “” and “” the result “Give up on this one because depends on previous actions”
        shift and control and D Clears history, escape “clears active accumulator dash results”
        45s gives “sind(45)” and “0.70710678118654752440084436210485” the result
        0.70710678118654752440084436210485is= gives “asind(0.70710678118654752440084436210485)” and “45” the result
        1000L= gives “log(1000)” and “3” the result
        6.7071067811865475244008443621048; gives “Int(6.7071067811865475244008443621048)” and “6” the result
        6.7071067811865475244008443621048v gives “6.7071067811865475244008443621048” and “6.7071067811865475244008443621048e+0” the result Toggling the “F-E” button
        6.7071067811865475244008443621048e+0v gives “6.7071067811865475244008443621048” and “6.7071067811865475244008443621048” the result
        1in= gives “powe(1)” and “2.7182818284590452353602874713527” the result
        2.7182818284590452353602874713527n gives “ln(2.7182818284590452353602874713527n)” and “1” the result
        45.0015 im gives “degrees(45.0015)” and “45.004166666666666666666666666667” the result
        45.004166666666666666666666666667 m gives “dms(45.004166666666666666666666666667)” and “45.0015” the result
        45hs gives “” and “” the result
        “F9” gives “toggles the +/- button” and “negate(last result)” the result
        “F5” forces Grads, “”F4 forces Radians, “F3” forces Degrees
        gives “” and “” the result
        gives “” and “” the result
        3:45 AM 5/5/2017

  6. Gene says:

    Can anybody tell me how to use the dms key on the Windows 7 calculator? Thanks.

  7. Gene says:

    I figured it out by comparing with my TI-30 calculator. Example: In Degrees mode, enter 38.555. Click DMS. You get 38.3318. This means 38 degrees, 33 minutes, and 18 seconds. There are no symbols for minutes or seconds.

  8. GadyC says:

    How can I set a default function to open.
    I use the calculator very much for lenght convertions, mainly inches to mm.
    I want it to open on this function.


  9. Phil says:

    Mocrosoft Mathematics 4.0 is now available and FREE. Does a brilliant job, fractions, graphins, triangle solvers, but not unit conversions, but the regukar calculator now has that, so it is pretty much covered!

  10. Aniqa Awan says:

    i have created many calculators……..now i want to create a calculater like window seven by default calculator in netbeans using java…….its my project and time is short………any 1 is there 4 guide me about its coding and design.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. samuel says:

    i need a calculator or a spreed sheet that can perform special task for me. just to save me time. any body ready to be of help me to should please let me know. thanks

  12. gadver says:

    I have a question : please write a example in programming mode.

  13. alok says:

    i want calutor download this calculator is goooooooood

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