One reply Windows 7’s Tablet Input Panel: Text Entry and Handwriting Recognition

  1. OneHandedPenGuy says:

    Question: In IE11 and Chrome, the Address bar can also be used for Search Entry. When using the TIP (Tablet Input Panel) like I am now, the TIP joins everything you enter inside that Address/Search bar, assuming it will be a URL. As it does this, it attempts to recognize this joined mess, and mangles it. Windows is trying to help you enter a URL, but they’ve made it near impossible to search. Here is an example, same handwriting entered into Notepad, and then IE11 Address & Search bar. 1) Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Accessories, 2) MilrosoftSifacePro3Accessories. As it applies each word, it mangles the recognition so you cannot simply separate them. Do you know of a way to get the TIP to stop trying to be helpful in this manner? It worked perfectly before Win7. This is an example of the TIP adapting its behavior to the app, and mucking things up. Please help.

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