Where to Find Windows & Windows Phone Device Backups in OneDrive

If you are using Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone on your computers and devices, your system settings are automatically backed up using OneDrive. These backups are stored in the cloud so that they can be used whenever you reset those devices and you want to restore your settings or so that you can use them when migrating to newer devices. But where exactly are these back up points stored? How do you find them? And what can you do with them?

NOTE: Your device's backups in OneDrive do not take space from your storage plan, no matter how many Windows and Windows Phone devices you are using.

Where to Find Your Device's Backups in OneDrive

Go to the OneDrive website and log in with your Microsoft account.

On the column on the left, look at the entries on the bottom. Click or tap "Get more storage".

A new page is loaded with several options. Click or tap "Device backups" and you will see a list with all the backups that are stored for your Windows and Windows Phone devices.

For each device you will see its name, an icon representing the device type (smartphone, PC or tablet) and when the last backup was performed.

How to Delete a Windows or Windows Phone Device Backup from OneDrive

If you have stopped using one of these devices, you can delete its backup, since it will no longer be needed.

Press Delete and you are informed that you won't be able to use that backup to restore that device's settings. Also, the deletion process will turn off the backup feature for that device.

If you are OK to go ahead, press Delete to confirm your choice and the backup is removed.

If you want to keep using that device and you want to create new backups for it, you have to manually change its backup settings and turn them on again. Also, it is a good idea to force a manual backup, just to be sure this feature is working again.

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As you can see from this tutorial, finding your device's backups is not that intuitive. However, with the help of this guide, you will find them in no time.
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