16 replies on What is Windows Easy Transfer & How to Backup Your Data for Transfer

  1. Daniel says:

    Will it backup Outlook data (not just settings)?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      As long as you have not moved your Outlook “.pst” file containing all your e-mails to a non-standard location, it will back it up and transfer it to your new computer/operating system.

  2. Clyde says:

    Will this program transfer from an old install of XP/Pro SP3 to a clean install of XP/Pro SP3 on another H/D?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Yes, it can do that. This tutorial though was created for the Windows 7 version of this program. The windows, buttons and options will look different in Windows XP.

  3. David Gardner says:

    Are the files transferred completely (i.e. ‘moved’) or are they just copied, so the original files stay on the original computer.

  4. Cary says:

    Hello!! i did all this procedure but then my downloads file disappeared from both computers the old and the new, i used easy transfer with network, from windows 7 to windows 8, what can i do to recover it?

  5. Tom Pennea says:

    All my files transfered, I re-installed windows 7 but when i went to transfer the files back i got an error message saying “windows easy transfer couldn’t open the file”. any suggestions?

  6. jeff says:

    Does it have the functionality to copy windows shares without copying the data?

  7. Jerry says:

    I’m a little confused.
    I have windows 7 now, and want to upgrade to windows 8.1 on the same pc. I do the Easy Transfer using an external hard drive.
    Remove the external hard drive, then install windows 8.1.
    After the installation of windows 8.1, I reattach the external hard drive with the saved data and transfer it to the now Windows 8.1. Is that correct?

  8. Kelsey says:

    If you have lost your password for the transfer, is there any way of recovering the files?

  9. Ramzy says:

    when I transfered aprograms to the new pc
    it didn’t install and transfered as afolders

  10. Martha says:

    Turns out Windows 8 (and now Windows 10) no longer allow Easy Transfer “out of the box”. However, I’ve found this tutorial on a Windows Easy Transfer alternative which claims to do it for 8 and 10 as well: http://www.zinstall.com/how-to/how-to-use-windows-easy-transfer-on-windows-10

    • B. Ak says:

      If I plug the flash drive into the new computer and open the MIG file will I be able to see all the folders and files and open and view them from the external drive before they are transferred to the new computer?

    • Amanada Sorensen says:

      In the past many users used a program from Microsoft called Windows Easy Transfer. Windows 10 does not have the Windows Easy Transfer program anymore. You will need to use a tool like PCmover from Laplink to get your apps, data and setting from your old PC to your new Windows 10 computer. Microsoft recommended it and provides a limited use free copy on their site at http:/pcmover10.laplink.com

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