Top 7 Most Downloaded Free Apps for Windows Phone 7.5

Are you curios to learn what apps Windows Phone users download? The list is pretty eye-opening and contains some very unexpected entries, at least for me. In this article I will share a list with the most downloaded free Windows Phone apps, as compiled by AppFlow App Discovery, previously featured in one of our articles.

The Most Downloaded App - Skype

Skype, the video chat platform is now available for Windows Phone devices. Like its PC sibling, you can call, video call, and instant message with anyone else on Skype for free from your Windows Phone. You can also call or text any number not on Skype for a fee. In order to video chat, both parties must have webcams and microphones. In order to both see and be seen, your Windows Phone device must have a camera on the front. Skype for Windows Phone is free to download and works over your phone's 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Although the user reviews for Skype for Windows Phone are very high, the main complaints are that it does not run in the background, and it does show your Contacts that are online.

2. Facebook

Facebook for Windows Phone allows you to stay connected to your Facebook account and share information with friends. You can post status updates, check your news feed, manage your inbox, upload photos, accept friend requests, receive Live Tile updates, look at your friend's photos, walls and info, and more. In addition, Facebook Chat is built into the Messaging app on your Windows Phone.

While most user reviews are essentially positive, the largest complaints are that Facebook for Windows Phone is slow to load and update, and that it's not like the iPhone and Android apps. Truthfully, with Facebook's integration into Windows Phone 7, I can't see how an app like this would even be necessary.

3. YouTube

YouTube for Windows Phone allows you to play YouTube video links in your email, and MMS messages, from websites, and from apps like Facebook. The YouTube app opens YouTube in your browser, where you can sign in and browse any YouTube videos, including your favorites and playlists. The app integrates with the Windows Phone Music & Videos hub so you can launch directly from the hub.

According to user reviews, this isn't actually an app, but merely a shortcut to YouTube's mobile site. Other user comments state that it's slow, and tends to crash.

4. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader for Windows Phone allows you to view and interact with PDF documents on your Windows Phone device. You can open PDF files from email, the Web, and those on the device. It features Multi-Touch gestures, providing for Pinch zoom, and Double-tap zoom, designed to improve the legibility of PDF content on small screens.

Most user reviews complain that it can't open secure, or password protected PDFs, and that the app is slow.

5. Wordament

Wordament is a word tournament game, where you compete online to be the best word searcher in every game. Each player competes on the same board, in real-time, to get the highest score. Wordament features a unique board each time, guaranteed to have over 100 possible words, with every tile playable. The dictionary is tuned to help you find the most common words you missed. There are also themed games, like Digrams, introducing a simple, but secondary goal of using a two-letter tile in as many words as possible. Wordament's user interface is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Swedish, while game boards remain in English.

User reviews state the game, in the style of Scrabble or Boggle, is very fun and addictive. Some users have had connectivity issues though.

6. Xbox LIVE Extras

Xbox LIVE Extras is designed to customize your Xbox LIVE avatar on the go. With Xbox LIVE Extras, you can download the latest avatar clothes and accessories.

Most of the user ratings are ratings only, lacking comments. Of the few that do have comments, most regret that there aren't more free accessories for the avatars.

7. Free Ringtones

Free Ringtones is an app for downloading free and legal ringtones for Windows Phone 7, providing you with thousands of unique, high quality ringtones for free. You can search for ringtones by artist, and listen to them online before downloading and installing to your Windows Phone device.

Most user reviews are overall positive, stating that Free Ringtones features popular, and difficult to find songs and artists.

The Most Downloaded Apps Are Not Necessarily the Best

I was surprised to see that the most downloaded apps are not exactly productivity enhancers. Some, like the Facebook app duplicate functionality that exists in Windows Phone while others don't provide much in terms of new functionality (e.g. YouTube and Xbox LIVE Extras).

Also, as noticed from some of the user reviews and comments, just because an app has a lot of downloads doesn't mean it's necessarily one of the best apps. As with any other software download, you take your chances. But reading user reviews and comments beforehand can often save a lot of time, heartache, and frustration.

Hopefully, with Windows Phone gaining more users and market share, we will see on the list of most downloaded apps, things that offer more in terms of enhancing productivity and adding great features to the Windows Phone experience.