Top 7 Highest Rated Apps for Windows Phone 7.5

We previously brought you the Top 7 Most Downloaded Apps. Next, we would like to see what does rate high on Windows Phone user's list? In this follow-up article we bring you the Top 7 Highest Rated Apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace, as compiled by AppFlow App Discovery. Because all of the apps featured in this article are those with the highest ratings, you have a good chance of discovering some useful apps.

The Highest Rated App - RapDialer

Falling under the category of Tools & Productivity, RapDialer, is a free, rapid dialing, or "speed dialing" app. RapDialer not only provides a speed dialing experience, but also offers search, prefix calling, favorites, and multiple keyboard formats in a Metro-style interface, which is essentially what the Windows Phone Start screen already is.

Due to restrictions in Windows Phone 7, RapDialer app is not capable of showing incoming calls, or call history. What puzzles us about RapDialer being the current highest rated app is that almost all of these features are native to Windows Phone in the first place. In fact, the only search function we weren't able to find in Windows Phone's People that RapDialer possesses is the ability to search by phone number. With the ability to pin any People contact to the Start screen, we don't see how an app like this is even needed.

2. Baconit

Baconit is a free, News & Weather Metro-style Reddit app. For those of you who don't know, Reddit is a social news site wherein users submit news in the form of either links or text posts. Other users can then vote on the posting, raising or lowering its position on the site.

Baconit lets users post, edit, and delete stories and comments, as well as manage profiles and accounts. It also features Live Tiles and the user's message inbox, both with automatic updating. There several other features particular to the use and management of Reddit accounts.

Upon perusing the Reddit site, it's hardly what I would call a reliable or legitimate news source. The majority of the postings and remarks are the same kind of things people would post on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. To be fair, social networking is not my kind of thing. But if you're a regular Reddit contributor, then Baconit would allow you to stay connected to Reddit while on the go.

3. Stop The Music!

Stop The Music! is a free app in the Music & Video category that is designed to stop any song that is playing in the Volume bar. By merely pinning this app to the Start screen and tapping it, Stop The Music! will stop any song that is playing, clear the Volume bar, and remove the music controls from the Volume bar and Lock screen.

I have to be honest; I don't play music on my Windows Phone device, so I can't say one way or another whether this is a needed app. But according to user comments and reviews, this is a feature that should have been included as part of Windows Phone 7 from the beginning. So if you play music on your Windows Phone, and have difficulty canceling a song from playing, then you may want to take a look at this app.

4. Power Planner

Power Planner is an Educational app with both a Free and Paid version. A class and homework scheduler, Power Planner lets you enter your class schedule, homework assignments, and in the paid version, grades and exams, and will even calculate your GPA. It will pin your classes and assignments to the Start screen and provide you with reminders.

Power Planner has been designed to allow for quick and easy data entry, enabling hyperlink detection to link a homework assignment to a specific Website, or even attach a photo. Finally, Power Planner features a color-coded, visual class schedule.

From the user comments and reviews, Power Planner is very useful app. Users have said it made the difference in their grades. I can easily see how it would be a beneficial tool for any student. Based on the apps covered so far, in terms of real world usefulness, I feel it deserves a higher placement on the list.

5. ZDclock

ZDclock, a free Tools & Productivity app, is basically an alarm clock. You can create single event, and recurring alarms, for such things as birthdays, anniversaries, loan and credit card payments, essentially, any item or event for which you would need a reminder with audio alarm.

There are actually almost no user comments for ZDclock, at least in a language I'm able to read. To be completely truthful, other than adding a few additional alarm sounds, ZDclock doesn't really bring anything to the table that can't be done by Windows Phone 7's Alarm or Calendar.

6. Starbucks Finder

Starbucks Finder is a free Lifestyle/Food & Dining app for locating the nearest Starbucks in your area. Search parameters can be filtered by type of store and offered services and amenities. Anything from drive-through, to wireless access, warm food, even whether the location is corporate owned or licensed.

Search returns will provide the address, phone number, and hours of the location, with one-click directions and navigation map.

An additional handy feature is the ability to pay with your Windows Phone. If you have a Starbucks card, you can enter it into the app and scan the bar code at the point of sale.

First off, it should be stated that this app is not directly affiliated Starbucks Corporation; it was created by a Starbucks and Windows Phone fan. The user comments are very favorable, with the exception that a recent update to the app erased user's card data, forcing them to reenter the data. The developer is addressing that issue.

In the US, you can't throw a rock without hitting a Starbucks, so we were a bit dubious as to the necessity of an app like this. But the ability to pay for your purchase with your Windows Phone makes this one a winner in any light.

7. Flixster

Flixster, a free entertainment app from Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes, brings movie showtimes and theater locations, critic reviews, even trailers, and upcoming movies, and new DVD releases to Windows Phone devices.

There are almost no comments in the user reviews other than that the app works as intended. One feature not listed for the app that would be beneficial would be the ability to purchase tickets for your chosen theater and film directly from the app. This would eliminate the to stand in line at the theater.

Highest Rated Doesn't Mean Highest Quality

As we learned in our previous article, just because an app has the most downloads that doesn't mean it's necessarily a great app. So too with some of the highest rated apps. Some of these apps merely mimic features already available in Windows Phone. And again, we see a distinct lack of productivity-related apps.

Before you go, I would like you to share your personal highest rated apps. Which apps do you like best? Which are the most useful to you?