Weekend Feature on InfoWorld: What's Your Opinion About Windows 8?

One of this weekend’s top stories on InfoWorld was an article where they invited 14 best selling authors of Windows 8 books to share their honest opinion about this operating system. The list of authors includes yours truly alongside famous people like David Pogue, Ed Bott, Andy Rathbone or Woody Leonhard. Learn what we all had to say about Windows 8 and don’t hesitate add to the conversation by sharing your view.

Before you read the whole article, here are some of the most interesting opinions shared in the article:

Ed Bott says: "There's a learning curve, but I find myself more productive in Windows 8 than in Windows 7. And if we have to bring up Vista... well, I wrote a whole series of articles about "fixing Vista." I don't need to do that for Windows 8. "Learning 8," sure."

Woody Leonhard says: "Windows will change. Enormously. Whether it'll shed the accumulated detritus of the past two decades is anybody's guess. And whether it'll get rid of the baggage before other companies eat Microsoft's lunch -- that's the $64 billion question."

David Pogue says: "Individually, the two environments of Windows 8 -- the regular desktop and what I call TileWorld for touchscreens -- are excellent. The massive failure is Microsoft's decision to superimpose them in really confusing ways. You can't live entirely in one world or the other; you have to keep popping back between environments."

Andy Rathbone says: "I like Windows 8 on tablets, however, and I really love my Surface RT. Running Microsoft Word for 10 hours while on the road is a writer's dream. Most of the time, my Surface RT does everything I need."

To learn what I and others had to say, don’t hesitate to read the whole article. It is really interesting and shares very diverse points of view. You can find it here: Windows 8 book authors dish on Windows 8.

Also, please comment. I would love to learn your opinion about Windows 8.