This week on Microsoft: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will offer ransomware protection

This week Microsoft has launched for testing a new feature that will be included in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It is named "controlled folder access" and it protects your important files from ransomware. The company has also released a major redesign for the Skype app on iOS. To learn more, as well as other interesting news, read this week's recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Windows 10 will hide your important files from ransomware soon - Microsoft is making some interesting security-related changes to Windows 10 with the next Fall Creators Update, expected to debut in September.

Windows 10 S is the future (but not the present) of the desktop PC - It's easy to focus on all the things that the latest edition of Windows 10 can't do. But in a world defined by security holes and data breaches, maybe a locked-down Windows isn't such a bad idea after all.

This Windows Defender bug was so gaping its PoC exploit had to be encrypted - Microsoft recently patched a critical vulnerability in its ubiquitous built-in antivirus engine. The vulnerability could have allowed attackers to execute malicious code by luring users to a booby-trapped website or attaching a booby-trapped file to an e-mail or instant message.

Skype for the iPhone picks up Microsoft's new design - Microsoft's Snapchat-style Skype update is rolling out for iPhones now via the App Store. The update previously rolled out to Android phones earlier and has been received somewhat skeptically by Android users who aren't all fans of the new design. There are some who think it looks far too similar to Snapchat and iMessage, and others who critique it for veering too far from what is perceived as Skype's primary function–video calling.

Microsoft's Edge browser still has only a handful of extensions - and that's not good enough - It's not at all clear why the number of Edge extensions is growing at such a dismal rate. Microsoft claims that customer demand for extensions on its browsers has been huge, and yet the pace at which that demand is being satisfied has been severely lacking.

New Samsung Flow Update Lets You Unlock Any Windows Device via Fingerprint and More - Apple's Continuity features have been something that many Android fans have been wanting for a while. The idea of seamless transitions from the smartphone to the PC and back again can add a huge layer of convenience for people around the world. Samsung has been working to get these types of features working with their smartphones, and Samsung Flow has been what they've been using to bring this capability to their customers.

Even more real life images of Lumia 960 prototype leaked online - Lumia 960 was supposed to be Lumia 950's successor but Microsoft cancelled the device along with Lumia 750, 850. The Lumia 960 looks like a premium device because of the aluminum unibody. The recent leaks revealed what Microsoft's successor to the Lumia 950 flagship could've looked like.

Only Xbox One X will download 4K assets, confirms Microsoft - Since its announcement, Xbox fans have been rather curious to learn more about what makes the next console from Microsoft unique enough for the $499 price tag. This week, the tech giant confirmed that while its predecessors will be able to play 4K enabled games, only the Xbox One X will utilize the feature. What this means is that the Xbox One and Xbox One S will only download the 1080p assets.

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube create anti-terror group - The fearless foursome currently face a tricky foe: public and government sentiment that their social licence could be revoked if they don't do something about their platforms being used to spread hate speech that radicalises users and incites them to violence, either through posts designed to recruit activists or encrypted messages used to plot atrocities.