This week on Microsoft: Windows 10 Creators Update launches on April 11th, you can get it on April 5th

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 Creators Update is coming April 11 to all Windows 10 users for free. Those who want to get it early and install it on their own, can get early access as of April 5th. To see more details about the launch of this update, as well as other interesting news, read this week's recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update will launch April 11 - After months of teasing, Microsoft is finally ready to ship the Windows 10 Creators Update to its users, the next major iteration of its desktop operating system. The free update will start rolling out globally on April 11. This process usually takes a few weeks, but users will also be able to force the update from their Windows settings.

Class Sues Microsoft Over Windows 10 Update - A class of Illinois PC users claims upgrading to the new Windows 10 operating system destroyed their hard drive or caused them to lose data, forcing them to either buy a new computer or pay for repairs.

Microsoft has updated its Maps platform for the Windows 10 Creators Update - the company announced it has also updated the Maps platform for the Windows 10 Creators Update, including new APIs, and updated engines. The goal is to optimize the look of maps - so they can be more realistic - and to increase consistency between web and UWP apps.

Microsoft Excel Finally Gets Real-Time Co-Authoring - If you use an online app like Google Docs then you've long been accustomed to having multiple people collaborate on the same document or spreadsheet at once. Microsoft Excel is finally taking a step into this brave new world of simultaneous editing and adding the ability to co-author spreadsheets.

Doxed by Microsoft's Users unwittingly shared sensitive docs publicly - Thousands of docs with sensitive data still reachable from search engines, including health data.

Samsung is beating Microsoft in the battle to turn a phone into a PC - Samsung unveiled its new Desktop Experience (DeX) during its Galaxy S8 launch in New York City. It's designed to turn a Galaxy S8 into a PC, with Android apps running in a desktop-like environment. To work well, it will ultimately require apps to support larger displays. But out of the gate Samsung's DeX already overshadows Microsoft's Continuum.

Microsoft's Surface Studio and Surface Book with Performance Base are coming to Europe and other regions this April - Microsoft is expanding the availability of its Surface Book with Performance Base to new regions including the United Kingdom, China, and Germany.

Is it time for Microsoft to rethink Windows 10? - windows 10 hasn't been the sure fire hit it was expected to be. It will be on 1 billion devices by 2018, Microsoft boasted. But even forcing users to upgrade didn't get it any nearer to hitting that magical number.

10 million people now help Microsoft test Windows 10 - At the launch of Windows 10, nearly two years ago, the software giant had around 5 million testers through its Windows Insider program. Windows Insiders could be your neighbor down the street, your boss, or the barista who makes your coffee in the morning. Anyone can sign up to test Windows 10, and now 10 million people are helping Microsoft refine and improve its operating system.

Microsoft partners with BrowserStack to bring free Edge testing to developers - By partnering with mobile and web-testing service BrowserStack, the software giant is now offering remote virtual testing against its Edge browser, free of charge.

Microsoft closing down CodePlex, tells devs to move to GitHub - Microsoft announced Friday that CodePlex, the company's open source project-hosting service, will be closed down. Started in 2006, the service offered an alternative to SourceForge.

Microsoft marks one year of HoloLens by revealing it has 150 apps so far - Microsoft started shipping its HoloLens headsets to developers a year ago, and the company is celebrating its first milestone. While HoloLens is technically available to anyone with $3,000, Microsoft isn't aiming this first iteration at consumers. Still, software developers have managed to create 150 apps for the headset over the past year.

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