This week on Microsoft: Windows 10 Cloud is about Chromebook competition

New details have surfaced which say that the upcoming Windows 10 Cloud release won't be about the cloud, as the name suggests, but about providing competition to the Chromebook. Windows 10 Cloud is a simplified version of Windows 10 that will be able to run only Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps installed from the Windows Store Think of it as being similar to the version of Windows 10 formerly known as Windows RT or the Windows 8.1 with Bing. More details, as well as other interesting news, can be found in this week's recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft's coming Windows 10 Cloud release may have nothing to do with the cloud - A new edition of Windows 10, known currently as "Windows 10 Cloud" may have little (if anything) to do with the cloud, but more to do with Chromebook competition.

Microsoft unveils final browser improvements to Windows 10 Creators Update - Microsoft is currently finalizing its feature set for the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. While the update contains many new changes and features, Microsoft is announcing its final improvements to its Edge browser for the Creators Update.

Op-ed: Windows 10 0day exploit goes wild, and so do Microsoft marketers - There's a zero-day exploit in the wild that exploits a key file-sharing protocol in all supported versions of Windows. That includes Windows 10, the latest and most secure version of the Microsoft operating system. The exploit is probably not worth worrying about, but you'd never know that based on the statement Microsoft officials issued on Thursday when asked what kind of threat the exploit poses:

Microsoft asks White House for US business exception to travel ban - Microsoft has asked the Trump administration to set up a formal exemption process for its recent immigration ban.

Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile now lets you save pictures from your feed - Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile received a notable update, bringing along the ability to save any pictures on your feed to your own personal collection

Microsoft delays new Windows 10 Mobile Insider build to investigate blocking bug - Microsoft may have released new Windows 10 Insider builds for PCs in the last week, but fans of Windows 10 Mobile will have noticed that the latter has been left behind. There's a good reason for that.

The future of Microsoft's languages: C# to be powerful, Visual Basic friendly - An interesting editorial about the future of Microsoft's programming languages.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS now supports add-ins like Giphy and Trello - Microsoft is bringing apps and add-ins to its Outlook for iOS email application. The software giant has partnered with Evernote, Giphy, Nimble, Trello, and Smartsheet to bring the first third-party add-ins directly into its iOS email experience. Office 365 customers will be able to start using the add-ins immediately, and Microsoft plans to roll them out to users soon.

Microsoft Authenticator now supports phone sign-in on iOS and Android - Almost three weeks ago, Microsoft updated the beta versions of its Authenticator apps for iOS and Android to include a new phone sign-in feature. This week, the iOS app was updated to make the feature generally available on the platform, and the Android version was updated a week ago.

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