This week on Microsoft: Windows 10 apps may get tabs, like Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is now experimenting with tabs in Windows apps, including File Explorer. Whether this project will be launched officially at some point remains to be seen, as the company may scrap this idea. Also, this week, Windows Vista has reached its end of life, with support being stopped by Microsoft. To learn more details, as well as other interesting news, read this week's recap:


Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft is experimenting with tabs in File Explorer and other apps on Windows 10 - Microsoft is experimenting with bringing the browser tabbing experience to all apps in Windows 10, including File Explorer.

New processors are now blocked from receiving updates on old Windows - We knew Microsoft was planning to block installation of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 updates on systems with Intel 7th Generation Core processors (more memorably known as Kaby Lake) and AMD Ryzen systems; we just weren't sure when. Now, the answer appears to be "this month."

Microsoft confirms just a handful of Windows Phones will get Windows 10 Creators Update - On April 14, Microsoft confirmed that only a subset of Windows Phone handsets will be getting the Windows 10 Creators Update when it begins rolling out on April 25.

What we expect from Microsoft's Spring hardware event on May 2nd - Microsoft is holding a hardware event on May 2nd, here's what we're expecting the company to announce, and what we're not expecting them to announce.

End of the road: Microsoft terminates support for Windows Vista today - After a decade, Microsoft has finally cut off support for the Windows Vista operating system. Mainstream support for Windows Vista ended back in April 10, 2012. However, its extended support for the second service pack lasted for five more years.

A bored intern created the original Windows Solitaire - Solitaire has been a staple for office distraction since Microsoft first included the game in Windows 3.0 in 1990. But the digital adaptation wasn't made by an iconic coder or just one of the company's many full-time employees. It was programmed by an intern.

Xbox One, Windows 10 become more Steam-like with "self-service refunds" - Xbox One is officially the first video game console to support digital purchase refunds by default. The new "self-service refund" system was announced on Wednesday on the console's "Alpha" preview ring, which is normally used to test and tease other upcoming features to the system's interface, and it confirmed that the refund process will soon land both on Xbox One consoles and the Windows Store marketplace on Windows 10 PCs.

An all-new Skype is now available on Xbox One - Skype for Xbox One is getting an all-new app with the Xbox One Creators Update that brings the Universal Windows Platform version of Skype to Microsoft's gaming console.

Inside the next Xbox: Project Scorpio and its brand-new dev kit - While Microsoft is being very careful about how it metes out details about Scorpio (the console's name and price were not discussed), Gamasutra was shown the Scorpio dev kit and sat down to chat with some of the folks involved with its design.

The Xbox One loses another exclusive third-party developer - Microsoft is having troubles with game developers launching exclusive titles for their Xbox One console.

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